Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1183 : "When Thai Talks....."


Anonymous said...

Why there so may trouble makers in Thailand? The troubles have extended to Cambodia causing pacing to millions of people including Thai citizens.

What does it show about Thailand? In the region. Who is superior and inferior in WHAT way?

Cambodia has just emerged from its civil war and poorer than Thailand but at least it's not subject to be intimidated.

The gunfire erupted on Wednesday afternoon at Veal Entry both Thai and Khmer soldiers are accusing each other to have start first.

According the Khmer military standing there (i have spkoent with on the phone today), the Thai army started shooting after some Khmer soldiers were standing on Cambodia's soil collecting GPS data.

Why the Thai army there started firing at them and take an excuse to be defending themselves.

This sounds likes Thailand acts like a big brother in the region.

However, i think 90 of Thai citizens are nice but there are few trouble makers there who clain to be nationalist and acting evils on behalf of other Thais.

It seems Thailand does not want to see Cambodia stand up on the ground. Perhaps because of being inherited by jealousy and hatred linked some events in the past. But is like a disease.

Many Khmer refugees in late during 1970s and 80s were abused by Thai arm along the border.

Let's have a break there... more to come.

Anonymous said...

Do not ever trust Thai politicians. Their words are sweet but thier hearts and actions are evil.

Anonymous said...

Welcome 3:01 you're right.