Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1182 :" The Cockfights "


Anonymous said...

You, MotherFuker!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah Lob Sacrava(Bun Heang Ung).
You are not human.
You draw such a bad picture.
People are working hard to help people(including you), but you draw picture for fun.
Why don't you draw your picture in hell?????

Anonymous said...

you two (the 2.22pm & 3.00pm) are brainless. people like you two are considered to be dumb, simplistic and gutless. try to be more mature in reacting and responding to issues.

grow up!


Anonymous said...

1.good comment with bad word (try to criticize with good word)
2.good painter with partial picture

Brother Bunheang,
I note that you are being partial to other person(?).


don't lie YOURSElf if you are good human.

Anonymous said...

Dear all Anonymous beloved of this blogger:Sacrava Toons ,made by Ung Bun Heang is an opinion of an Artist.
You all dear friend,try to understand this all cartoon and give your Good or Bad Opinion, but if you are educate people,you will net write a noncence word.
To all Khmer sister-brother beloved:
Ung Bun Heang's work it should have a price from Human Right Organisation of the world.
He is only the best Cartoonist Khmer in the world( in this time )
So,what he doing is his free Expression,he never take a part of any one( Political man or woman ).
You all should ENCOURAGE his work.
He is Mr PROPRE of Cambodia.
Well, sometime what make you irritate ,because you take a part of some one ?That is right ?
Don't lie to yourself if you all Anonymous are good human.
P S: It is very easy to say than work .
S K M of Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Dear SKM,

Thank you for your kind comments. I hope everone get the point.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sacrava beloved,you are my first friend since we are born.
So you are always in my heart.
May Lord Buddha bless you,live long life to serve our beloved country Cambodia.
S K M and Sokvy

Anonymous said...

Dear S M K,

to be easy, look at his picture before that war started.
Is it the partial picture or Non partial picture?

no need to answer to me, you just answer to yourself, to your honesty mind.

Think by yourself and say from your honesty heart.

(So,what he doing is his free Expression)
---------------> I got that what he is doing is free, but in his free doing is partial.

he never take a part of any one( Political man or woman ).
---------------->It is your mind, not Bunheang's mind. it is what you said, not Bunheang.

Anonymous said...

look at that fucking Sacrava. Did he look like Khmer? I think he is just a fukcing shit living jobless in other nation.
Shame on you

Anonymous said...

12:07 pm

I bet you are addicted and can't stay away from this Sacrava toon.

If you don't like his work.DON'T take a peek and left him a bad comment.Shame on you too..
See,If I call you're a POS SOB or Ah koun keut kroy krop phlorng.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear all Khmer sister-brother beloved,I have a right to write with my free expression over here.Well,you are a Khmer educate 's people ,you don't use Bad word on a Koun'sKhmer work.
If you are not appreciated this Cartoon made by Bun Heang and his commentary is your right. Cry from anywhere in this world,if you are a real Khmer,you look only your face,you think that you are very smart,beautiful,sweet,nice person , but you forget that other people will look you,and said: You are a noncence,bad,no brain,idiot person in this world. Sorry,if I say anything bad and insulting you,please forgive me.
S K M ( I live in foreign country,may be.But I love my country Cambodia more than my life ).France.
With a lot of love to you all.

Anonymous said...

The fact that “the truth is hurting people’s feeling”, but Sacravatoons have just reflected reality. Khmers have to learn how to deal with reality on circumstantial evidence about any issues. Judging on the quality of his work, I’d say I admire his great talent for the amazing cartoons, which is widely known from around the world. Judging by his face, I’d say he is a real Khmer, if only they are not Khmers cannot recognize his appearance.
I would like to thank all Khmer people around the world for supporting and helping Cambodia. Finally I would like to thank all Khmer brave soldiers from the bottom of my heart for protecting and sacrifice their life for their country. May God bless all Khmer brave soldiers and keep them safe from harm.