Friday, October 17, 2008

sacravatoons no 1184 : " Thai Picnic-BBQ "


Anonymous said...

Mr. Heang:
That's not funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ah Chkuot, Te Ah Eng Chea Khmer Roeu Siam? Ah Chol Mray.

Anonymous said...

I think Thailand is bulying Cambodia.

I feel sad for the Thai army who act upon the order of some stupid ultr-nationalism.

That's style is only self destruction.

Hilter did not last long, Pol Pot did not last long.

How long will bullying behaviour last for?

Anonymous said...

I find the cartoon very amusing. In fact, it is a reality of Khmer politics and that of the politicians, particularly the ones depicted. I just hope the boots have spikes in them which could send a signal to their brians so they can be more rationalised and clearer in their thinking.

For those who can only use rude and swear words in this forum to get their points across, we can only say that they are inclined to behave as the ones depicted in the cartoon. Good bless their soul.


Anonymous said...

In memory of the two Khmer soldiers who were killed during arm clashes at Veal Entry on Wednesday, my family and I would like to condolesences to their families and relative for the sadness.

I wonder if the two soldiers have left a wife and children who be may very poor. Usually army's family are among the poorest. Worse than that their veteran benefits or pension monthly pays get stolen or halved by the officials. That's inhumane! During their life the army on the ground hardly have any chance to eat in a 4 star restaurant, drink henessy, no mobile phone, no girls, never stayed in a 8-star hotel. All they experience are snails, rat, snake and sleep on the ground. Please imagine if some of you EK UDOM or royal family have had a life like them.

Hun Sen may have gone through and it's so easy for him to imagine and I think he's the first to organise a state dignitary funeral for the two soldiers because they died after Hun Sen issued a ultimatum.

I hope that the Cambodian government and the King are or looking to hold a national funeral or 7th day commemoration ceremony accross Cambodia to honour the braves who first to use their chest against Thailand's bullet acting honestly in the command of Hun Sen's fire words and purely to die for country. They are sweet.

We should show respects for our army at least, if not providing them decent ammunition or salaries.

recently the thai royal family attend a funeral of a PAD actitivist who died in a protest for demoncracy.

Why not the Khmer army deserve something like that? Common!

Sad Sad Sad

Anonymous said...

Cambodia shuold not delay its action to bring the border disputes to UN Security Concil and International Court to avoid more bloodshed.

Three Khmer soldiers had been killed in the batlle.

Nothing would be gained from bilateral talks with Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen has a hiding agenda behind the fighting that had killed 3 Khmers.
We khmer,do not need to fight cuz :
.France-Siam treaty in 1907
.The Haye court in June 15,1962
.Paris Peace Conference October23,1991
.Unesco July 08,2008
Why and Why Hun Sen's government didn't bring those cases to the International attention ?
Meanwhile he bring the Patriotism to Khmers who have forgot the several millions illegal immigrant Yuons in Cambodia . The border is widely open to let Yuons are coming everyday.

Anonymous said...

you fucking stoOpid insult our own ppl while trying to defend our land idiot

Anonymous said...

Only the bad people have a bad friend.Sorry, to give my opinion again over here.
I think, some people are so mad,and use Fucking word.And have fucking family .
Sarika keo of Battambang.France.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please try to make cartoon a little bit nicer. The Cambodian leaders try their best to save our motherland. Yes, you are right! We do not allow the Siam walking in our land with bad intention. You might see that a lot of enfentry prepared for firing.

Thank for hosting the site. This is my first time.