Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1768 : " Terrorists ? "


Anonymous said...


Lord, deliver me from
self-righteous people.
Deliver me from people
who think they know you
better than anyone else.
Who think that only they
can understand your ways.
Who think that only they
can interpret your word.
Who wail and gnash their teeth
over the sins of the world,
but fail to see their own.
Who urge others to meekness
and humility,
but fail to follow
their own advice.
Who expound at length
on charity
but fail to practice it.
Who preach mercy and
but fail to show it.
Who insist that they alone
hold the key
that unlocks the door
to your kingdom.
Who insist that they alone
have found the sure path
by which to follow you.
Lord, deliver me from myself.
I, too, am one of these.

Sarika of Battambang.Fr

Anonymous said...

Wow, bong ha your comment is so good.welcome back from hospital.
Wish you good health.

Khmer love khmer.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear all,Bun Heang and Sarika
Well, I love your art in Khmer 's Politic and adore sarika best comment over here too.
Wish you two a long life.
Chao Tauch, Paris.France

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is not scared of anybody but his patron, the VN.