Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1767 : " We're going Home "


Anonymous said...


I've been asked to compile the most powerful experiences that I have had at the Sacred Space, a daunting task. Where do I begin?

Can it be found in the tears of a distraught young missionary or in the murder-bent street prophet seeking the way of escape? The strung out addict's need of lemonade and Kleenex, a hand held, sharing hopes and dreams for a future and a hope? Watching Dave's transformation and then having him slip through the fingers of this life? Giving my lunch to a diabetic paranoid schizophrenic to prevent coma? Michael...Michael. I thought you were going to take my life that day...and then God stopped you with the Gospel, His words of love to you. I watched the demon leave your eyes, at least for a moment.

Where do I begin?

I miss the days of radical hospitality. I am not called to the antiseptic. Once you've tasted the blood of the Cross, there's no going back. I was bred for war.

Oh poor my cambodian people ,I did not sell our KHMER LAND to youn,but I have to close my eyes ,sorry,sorry ,sorry dear CAMBODIA.

Sarika of Battambang.Fr

Anonymous said...

Go and enjoy Peking duck.


Anonymous said...

Best Comment of sarika on King father.May He live a long life,more suffer...

Chao Tauch.Paris.France