Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1763 :" Moving Forward for Change "


Anonymous said...

If you want to reduce the Opposition party's members, you have to do something other than putting people in prison and locking the door. Madame Mu Sochua is innocent.The goverment is better to work for country than worry how to put People who is against the goverment's politic.Where is the real democracy in Cambodia ?
Well, for me,I don't know if I commit a crime to write over here ? I hope not.

S K MONOHA of Cambodia.France

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lok Bong S K MONOHA is here too,glad to see you.Great comment lok Bong.orkun for her.


Anonymous said...

The monkey Hun Sen will do whatever it takes to break his opponents. He doesn’t care about the well being of his countrymen or the loss of Cambodia’s territory to his patron, the VN. I wonder what does his educated son think of him.

Anonymous said...

Best comment of Lok S K MONOHA ,yes that is true that no real Freedoom in Politic in Cambodia.
HUN SEN better look around the Khmer-Vietnam 's border,help Khmer people and get back the Land from Youn.

Khmer Angkor.Phnom Penh