Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1584 :" Raoul Jennar "

Khmer Intelligence News - 13 February 2010

Raoul Jennar, the longest-serving foreign mercenary in Cambodia (1)

Belgian-born Raoul M. Jennar is one of the foreign experts described above. But he is also a specialist in disinformation who has been selling his services to the Hun Sen regime for more than twenty years. In order to hide the real nature of his mission, he has worn several hats, from NGO official to historian to political analyst to journalist to Tribunal (ECCC) expert to government adviser. He was the main contributor to The Vision, a lousy and ephemeral pro-CPP newspaper in the late 1990’s which was instrumental in the disinformation and manipulation of the Western, especially French-speaking, public opinion. His contract at the ECCC was not renewed because of his support for the Hun Sen government view that only five former Khmer Rouge leaders -- those who are currently in jail -- should be prosecuted so as to prevent other former Pol Pot colleagues -- who are now high-ranking CPP leaders -- from being investigated and possibly prosecuted. He finally ends up as an official adviser to the Hun Sen government while being a regular contributor, under several fictitious names, to the French-language newspaper Cambodge Soir Hebdo.

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