Friday, February 12, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1583 : " Mot Tram Nghin Nam "


Anonymous said...

Just imagine for a moment....You're in the house snuggled up with your girl. You're feeling a little frisky so you gently kiss her neck, she kiss you back, hands start roaming. She reaches into your boxers and reveals your throbbing manhood. She sits facing toward you on teh couch so she can have access to your luscious lips while she slides her hand up and down on your shaft. The kisses get more passionate, he starts stroking faster and harder. Things are really heating up and you feel yourself coming to the brink when it happens....
Sarika of

Anonymous said...

wow, a good comment of Mrs Sarika .
1OO.OOO Mot tram Nghin Nam year of Vietnam-Kampuchia ? Land Khmer will be Indo-vietnam soon.
Well good draw Bun Heang, you are such a best cartoonist in the World...
Good imagination.

Khmer love Khmer.Cambodia

Anonymous said...

I don't have any more word to add, Mrs Sarika ,she is a best writer and Mr Ung Bun Heng is a best cartoonist, But if this two person are the same ONE ?
Tell, me that am I right ? Sacrava toons ?
But the post of Mrs Sarika is from France,and the post of Mr Ung Bun Heang is from Australia.
If it is true, so may their love stay for ever,in this St Valentine day.

Captain of Pusat.Cambodia

Sacrava said...

Mr Sarika is living in France.
Sacrava is a Hop Hop Hop Kangaroo from Down Under.
We were friends since we were born at Svay Por Battambang town.
We have the same spirit as Khmers.

Anonymous said...

Strange, beautiful dream

... and there he was. He slid next to me on the couch, wrap his arm around my waist and hugged me in an embrace. I could smell the whiff of his scent, a mix of sweat and cologne. It was so real I gasped, giggled and woke up.

A strange but beautiful dream. I want to go back to sleep now...
WIsh to all Sacrava toons 's friend : Happy Saint Valentine day,love and love for ever.

Sarika of Battambang.Fr

Anonymous said...

Thank Mr Ung Bun Heang of Sacrava toons,for your kind explication about Sarika and you .
Of course,among the more recent cartoon,I have read that you was in France ?
Have you some relative there ? or for your work ? sorry for asking you .
Second thing, generally speaking,your art is all against Khmer Politic ? why ?
And I have seen ,that you are not with Opposition 's party too,
So,please give me some more explication about your good art,
I think you the best cartoonist in Asia . It is true,probably one of the genuine work in drawing art.
I also appreciable to Sarika 's comment,well write,good imagination ,show him a good writer.
Keep draw your cartoons ,only one think ,never forget your motherland : Cambodia.

Captain od Pusat.Cambodia

Sacrava said...

Many thanks for your kind words & compliments.
I was in Europe for nearly 3 months.It was a great holiday place where I spend and observed more in life for Politic,Arts and addition more knowledge on Human rights that is every Human Beings deserves to have it, including Khmer People.
I never forget Cambodia & its People who had feed me ton and ton of rices , air to breath and the top Cultural Khmer which I had learned for 10 yrs in Khmer Fine Arts school .
It was the center where I learned so much of Khmer Heart,Soul and its Spirits.
Cambodia is more than my life.
I would like to heal Her sufferings & tragedies.

Ung Bun Heang