Friday, September 21, 2007

Sacravatoons no 792 :" Brother no 2,Nuon Chea "


Anonymous said...

I believe that Noun Chea commited crim...see?his never show his eyes in public...Lier can be know by looking their eyes right?

pyralis said...

I love your works. Will you ever be publishing anytime soon, book wise? I hope you do. Keep up the great work. :)

sacravatoons said...

Many thanks for your kind works.
I'll publish them.I'm looking for a good publisher....last time my book was published with a publishing in Thailand.Guess what?,
I never head any news from the publisher.Khmer say :" Dam Chegg ".

But recently I found out there are a lot of pirate of my books are selling at Monument Books,Phnom Penh International Airport.It costs
$ 13.60 per book.But only $2 or $3
at the the Russian Market.
My book is called :" The Murderous Revolution " By Martin Stuart-Fox & Bunheang Ung .