Monday, September 24, 2007

Re: Sacravatoons no 793 :" A Second-Hand Ambassador "


Satrey Khmer said...

I really enjoy your cartoon. I love it! I stole one of your work in my blog. heh, I hope you don't mind.

best regards,

sacravatoons said...

Dear Kol-Thida SK,

Many thanks for your kind words.
I'm pleased to hear you enjoy it.
Pls use any time.It's a free toon online for everyone who loves Cambodia & its People.
Because of Khmer-Khmers unite ,we'll change the image of Cambodia....Of course a FREE Cambodia !!!
All the best to you .
Pu Bun H.

Anonymous said...

Sihanouk has a wrong impression. He thinks that the accusation was Lonnolians who accused him of being dishonest to his mother. Wrong!quick judgment without finding the truth to who the accusers were, would jeopardize the future of the country.

Anonymous said...

Father number 1