Thursday, May 31, 2007

Election 2008

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Shabbira 's Joke on:

At a conference, three scientist - an American, a Chinese and a Cambodian - were talking among themselves and bragging about the tehnological advances their respective countries have achieved in the field of medecine.
Says the American. In Washington,there was a baby boy born without arms,so we attached artifical arms on him. Now that he is grown,he has become an Olympic professional boxer and a gold medallist at that!
Then the chinese countered : " That is nothing to hat we have done.Back to Peking, there was a baby girl born without legs,so we attached a pair of artificial legs on her.Now she is a three time marathon gold medallist in the Olympics.
The Cambodian interjects: " Is that all you have just gold medallists? Pare-Pare, near the KOMPONT YOUN, we had a baby boy born without a head. We attached a coconut and he is now the Prime Minister of Cambodia. And not only this, he is going to start again the new Game on the 27th July 2OO8, he said that nobody will be the winner the Election Game,until he is more than 9O year old. You see ,he is the best of the all.

Thanks for your cartoon dear Sacrava boy ,
Bicycle, France.