Monday, February 06, 2006

They're inseparable!


Anonymous said...

Just another extrem senseless catoon

Sacrava said...

Dear Anonymous ,

Many thanks for your kind words & comments.
I'm appreciated to see another side of Khmer's opinion (Youn?) on my toons.

To rebuild the country that is going to call : Kampuxear ?
How many illegal immegrants youn had poured everyday into Cambodia ?
Cambodia will be disappear the next,a very soon after....Champa 1644 ,don't you think?

My last prediction : Youn will wipe out the last Khmer-Group : CPP from Cambodia.Pls wait and see.

Bun H.

Anonymous said...

This is a psychologial abnormal of the extremist. Whenever someone has a diffrent opinion from you or criticise you, the easy way out is to paint them as youn.

Congratulation Bun Heang! Now I can see you can jump, too. Call your friend, Ly Diep, a town- decorative-soldier for 5 years to help.

Still anonymous

Anonymous said...

Awesomely beautiful and sad, yet very true to the core. This is how the Khmer society is like these days; there exist all kind of problems throughout the society. The problems are derived from the governmental instition. The government fails to rectify the problems because the government itself is the creator of these problems. It is corrupted hierarchically from the top governmental officials all the way down to the small ones.

Mr. Sacrava. Your cartoon is powerful. I love it. Than you, Sir, for portraying the truth through your cartoon characters.

from FKD
Best Regard