Monday, February 06, 2006

If there's Rainsy, there's no Hun Sen


Anonymous said...

It is better to lick his own saliva to find way to help to rebuild the country rather than to know only one way to criticise.

Apart from following footstep of your defunct extrem teacher Soth Polin and your fake-journalist Ly Diep and apart from hatred and negative comment through your catoons, did you ever done anything else for Cambodia?

Sacrava said...

I think i'm better than those politichiens.....cuz my life I ever kill my contrymen ,corruption ,cut down Khmer-Trees and create suffering to Cambodia & its big thing in my life that i'm proud myself , I ever sell my principle to any foreingner.

Why you're so afraid of my pencil ?

Cheers, Bun H.

Anonymous said...

Your principle is still Khmer? or already sold your so-called principle to be Australian.

Don't be fool that anonymous afraid your pencil. Don't try to jump into conclusion yet.

Still anonymous