Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sam Rainsy: "What's so cheap with the hand & so noble with the mouth"


Anonymous said...

This is another tasteless, the brain of the frog in small water well, and self-rightous idea.

What ever the other people's idea not like you, you start to make mockery of them.

Bravo! Bun Heang!

Anonymous said...

Who is the illiterate poster who leaves the same comment across so many cartoons?

Please go and learn English before you continue posting.

Anonymous said...

The illiterate poster is an anonymous like you.

In fact, the illiterate is you. While I am posting I learn English the same time. You are so ignorance to see this. On the other hand, to post the same comment across so many cartoons serves many purposes.

Anonymous said...

Stop fighting with each other! Let's wait and see! They are playing an interesting game. One or two of them will lose the game.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. The game is playing. The winner will be the smarter and the clever one. One thing that cross my mind is whenever some one changes the strategy to achieve to same goal, this person criticize him/her as being too subservience. The cartoonist should provide the best solution to solve the problem, if he has one