Monday, October 01, 2012

Sacrava No. 2309: Surya Subedi


Anonymous said...

Khmer race will insult honorable person if the person does not do what they want. So, look at how they insult the honorable Surya Subedi.

Last time, the Khmer insulted Pol Pot then when Pol Pot won the war, the Khmer suffered. Like this:

Anonymous said...

Last time United Nations brought the UN archived maps to compare with the Cambodian government's maps, CNRP did not show up with their own "official CNRP's map". CNRP accused UN to collude with Hun Sen to match the maps up so that Hun Sen can give yield Cambodia's land to Vietnam for favor.

Because of that, UN never really wanted to work with CNRP, specifically Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy. The term to describe CNRP is "infantile".

Do a search for "CNRP infantile" and see the search results! *shaking my head in disgust*