Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sacravatoons no 2032 : " Mahatma Gandhi "


Anonymous said...

How dare this Khmer cartoonist drew boxing gloves onto Gandhi. I will pray God to this evil Khmer's soul in hell.

This is a typical Khmer behavior, making up lies, insult other people. This is why God has punished Khmer race so much. God made USA to bomb Cambodia for their sin.

Greedy Khmer sold rice to the North Vietnamese troops in Cambodia and caused USA to loose the Vietnam War.

Khmer race is so punished, they are now so dumb and inferior. Khmer race has the lowest learning aptitude in the world. They are useless.

I do enjoy watching Youtube clips in which the Cambodian polices whack the batons onto Khmer heads. It's also fun to watch Khmer students fighting in schools. Let's have Khmer to fight each other so that they cannot blame other people.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps more B52 bombings against Khmer would help?

Anonymous said...

Stupid Khmers have a talent in insulting other people. It did not take long for Henry Kissinger to ask Nixon's authorization to bomb Khmers.

The real question is: What did the Khmer insult Henry Kissinger such that they got bombed so much?!

I would imagine if Khmers insulted President Trump! Cambodia will be nuked. LOL...