Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sacravatoons no 2299 : " The K5 "

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Anonymous said...

Stupid Khmers always die here and there. If they did not go to work on K5 plan, they would still die at home too, and more so.

In fact, Khmers kept dying at the border with Thailand. Thai rangers has been shooting dead so many Khmers every year for stealing rosewood. Thai captains have been killing stupid Khmer fishermen on the boats for being stupid.

Being under Vietnamese's protection, Khmers dies less, but eventually will die at old age, or stepping on a land mine, or dying in a traffic accident. Worse yet, Khmers have a habit of chopping each other with butcher knives.

Just look at Khmer Rouge regime. So many Khmers died right? And Khmers still have not learned. What a stupid race! You deserve another Pol Pot.