Monday, October 01, 2012

Sacrava No. 2311: Khmer Oil


Anonymous said...

Cambodia of HUN SEN is under V T power ,so is normal that V T will have more benefit than Cambodia .So vote for Opposition Party ,and get freedom and real democracy for New Cambodia.

S K M ,fr

Anonymous said...

Nothing new?

Anonymous said...

Want new? Then change!

Anonymous said...

come back sacrava!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sacrava has passed away.
Look up his name

Anonymous said...

There is a saying: Relax, you longer. Apparently Ung Bun Heang (the cartoonist) did not relax and died at age 61. Good riddance!

It would be a torture for him to live and watch his country and people keep getting owned.

Frankly speaking, the Vietnamese is superior over the Khmer and will always have much more money to buy out Cambodia. Khmer will be kicked around by other Khmer who sold land, oil, concession to Vietnam.

Khmer race will not stand a chance. Khmer race will not survive in the future.


P.S. It is very wrong to draw a picture falsely accusing Vietnam's taking oil from Cambodia. The oil has not even drilled yet.

Khmer race has been creamed by the Thais over hundreds of years. Smart and brave Khmer died in battles or got captured. What's left were the coward, dumb Khmers survivors we have today. Khmer students have the lowest learning aptitude in the world, so low, far below any other race.

Anonymous said...