Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sacravatoons no 2227 : " The Coq Fights "


Anonymous said...

Well done Ung Bun Heang

Ah Hanoi Forever has only win and win. These fighting cocks would be killed by Hun Sen anyway. So, stop fighting each other and fight Hun Sen back.

We democrats should not have an instict of fighting cocks anymore.
we need to see through Ah Hanoi forever's tricks and fight him back. At least make him blind another side.

SRP picks his left eye.
HRP picks his dick.
Mam Sonangdo pick his brain.
Ranariddh, Bunchey, keo remy, Chrea Sochenda,Sok Pheng, Serey Akkosal go inside his ass and pick his intestines.
Suon Serey Ratha pick a hole in his throat.
Bengkok, Sambok Chap, Rattanak Kiri, Mundol Kiri, Prey Long community...cut him into pieces; and then

All Khmer people shit on his grave.

Venerable Luon Sovath put his soul in a jar and send to hell.

Bravo the force of unity and solidarity!!!!
Bravo new Cambodia after Hun Sen era!!!

Please paint one hopefull picture with Ah Kwak being fight by the force of unity of these cock fighters.

When the fighting cocks stop fighting each other for whatever reasons and fight back Ah Kwan hard enough, then the Yuon mice would run for their lives and out of Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

idea mention is good, but
Who can make those cocks get on. ? who, who??
I think the cocks never get on if they still fight each other (for their Dream to be Prime minister) like the present.

If those cocks become the one groub, combodia will be better.