Friday, May 18, 2012

Sacravatoons no 2219 : " My Kingdom of Wonder "


Anonymous said...

i see your blog is good,but, please, do not take our king to be a fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous beloved, in art drawing cartoon is only an express of artist, King is have more value when they critical him, so never mind,Sacrava toon's master do his best for enjoy people.
S K M,fr

Anonymous said...

your cartoon is seem to be look down on our King. I don't care it is fact or not, But king is the Person that cannot be look down,or do something like you have mention in your cartoon. (our Constitution is protect the King) . King is away from the Politic,his position is the stay as the parents of Cambodia.

beside this he can have his own life, married or not is up to him.

So please contineou to criticizism on the RGC, so that you can better help Cambodia.