Friday, May 04, 2012

Sacravatoons no 2205 : " The Scarecrows "

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Brother and my beloved friend since born , me and my wife wish you a very happy Bithday today: well You got 6O years olds,so from deep of our heart we wish you a lot of happiness,real prosperity, an iron health ,get more energy in drawing your cartoons,hamony in your all family ,always have best luck ,succesful in all your all works ,your dream become true,live a long life to serve Khmer Culture in Arts,you are my Hero for what you do fight against Khmer ennemy who would like rob our Khmer Land , Well we don't have any occasion by meet each-other since O2.02.1970 . We are friend since born ,same nurse give our birth was your and my Beloved Grand-ma , all sweet memory still stay in my mind and my love to you still stay eternel,my wife send you her best regards with her flying kiss .
From : S K M and S Neou ,france