Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sacravatoons no 2178 : " Thor-Mer-Kor "


Anonymous said...

Oh, Thomico !!! you are so cheap ,being said like this, I don't believe in this word,is not from you , May be you protect some One like Norodom Sihamoni ??? or Kingdom of Cambodia from Vietnam ?

sarika of Battambang,fr

Anonymous said...

That is right sarika , I think so too

Anonymous said...

Me too, I agree with sarika, it seem that Samdech Thomico use diplomacy ... vietnam is ambition to take over our Cambodia.

Khmer Love Khmer,Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarika of Battambang,

I noticed that you always write back up your idea by yourself.
Why did you have to do that ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry is not my message,since a long time,I don't use this call name anymore.

S K M , france