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Sacravatoon no 1956 : " March 18,1970 "


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The 1970 Coup

For more details on this topic, see Cambodian coup of 1970.

Sihanouk later claimed that the 1970 coup against him was the result of an alliance between his longstanding enemy, exiled politician Son Ngoc Thanh and Sirik Matak, with CIA support and planning.[7] Irrespective of any claims to the contrary, there is no concrete evidence of CIA involvement in the 1970 coup. [References for this are as follows: Wilfred P. Deac, "Road to the Killing Fields: The Cambodian War of 1970-1975" (Texas A&M University Press, 1997) pp.61-2; Robert Dallek, "Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power," (Harper Collins, 2007), p.191; Steve Heder "Cambodian Communism and the Vietnamse Model, Volume I: Imitation and Independence, 1930-1975," (White Lotus Press, 2004), p.156.] : It seems likely that Lon Nol initially intended to strengthen his position against the North Vietnamese with the ultimate aim of preventing their troops (and those of the Viet Cong) from operating within Cambodian borders, and wished to apply pressure on Sihanouk to achieve this.[8] However, events rapidly developed far beyond the original plan, and with the encouragement of Sirik Matak – who wished to see Sihanouk deposed as Head of State – Lon Nol was ultimately to engineer Sihanouk's removal.

While Sihanouk was abroad during March 1970, there were anti-Vietnamese riots in Phnom Penh. On 12 March, Lon Nol and Sirik Matak closed the port of Sihanoukville, through which weapons were being smuggled to the Viet Cong, to the North Vietnamese and issued an ultimatum: all PAVN (North Vietnamese) and NLF (Viet Cong) forces were to withdraw from Cambodian soil within 72 hours or face military action.[9]

Lon Nol initially refused to countenance Sihanouk being deposed as Head of State; to force his hand, Sirik Matak played him a tape-recorded press conference from Paris, in which Sihanouk blamed them for the unrest and threatened to execute them both on his return to Phnom Penh.[10] However, the Prime Minister remained uncertain as to whether to instigate a vote in the National Assembly. On the night of 17 March, Sirik Matak, accompanied by three army officers, went to the Prime Ministers's residence and compelled a weeping Lon Nol to sign the necessary documents at gunpoint.[11]

A vote was taken in the National Assembly on 18 March in which Sihanouk was stripped of his power. Lon Nol assumed the powers of the Head of State on an emergency basis. On 28 and 29 March there were large-scale popular demonstrations in favour of Sihanouk in several provincial cities, but Lon Nol's forces suppressed them, causing several hundred deaths.[12] The Khmer Republic was formally declared that October, and Sihanouk – who had formed a government-in-exile, the GRUNK, incorporating the Khmer Rouge communists – was condemned to death in absentia. In the meantime, the Cambodian Campaign of April 1970, in which US and South Vietnamese forces entered Cambodian territory in pursuit of North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops, had irrevocably involved Lon Nol's regime in the Second Indochina War.

Lon Nol became the first and only President of Cambodia in 1970. Lok Sena Bra Mok Lon Nol (President Lon Nol)

[edit] The Khmer Republic and the Civil War

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The 1970 coup ( suite )

Flag of the Khmer Republic.
For more details on this topic, see Cambodian Civil War.

The Khmer Republic (1970–1975) was founded in order to do away with Cambodia's widespread corruption and to restore Cambodia's sovereignty in its eastern regions, occupied by Vietnamese communist insurgents as a result of Sihanouk's "neutrality" policies. Despite its high aims, the republic proved disastrous both militarily and politically. Lon Nol's health started to decline after he suffered a stroke in February 1971. His rule became increasingly erratic and authoritarian: he appointed himself Marshal (a title previously unknown in Cambodia) in April 1971, and in October suspended the National Assembly, stating he would "no longer play the game of democracy". Backed by his forceful, ambitious younger brother Lon Non, Nol succeeded in reducing the influence of Sirik Matak, In Tam and the other coup leaders. He also insisted on directing many of the Khmer National Armed Forces (French: Forces Armées Nationales Khmères – FANK) operations personally.

In time Lon Nol's regime became completely dependent upon large quantities of American aid that towards the end were not backed by the political and military resolve needed to effectively help the beleaguered republic.[13] By 1975, the government was eventually reduced to holding little more than Phnom Penh. The FANK had run out of ammunition. Lon Nol was increasingly dependent on the advice of soothsayers and Buddhist mystics: at one point during a Khmer Rouge assault on Phnom Penh, he sprinkled a circular line of consecrated sand in order to defend the city. Finally, on April 1, 1975, he resigned and fled the country into exile, as the Khmer Rouge had vowed to execute him

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Thanks you lok S K M for your kind article , very interesting article on the Traitor Lon Nol ,the great killer with American funcking Kissenger and co.

Khmer love Khmer,Battambang,Cambodia

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I am very happy to know this secret khmer republic 's story,thanks to S K M , I understand more why U S A help khmer republic,andwhy khmer rouge come to the power,I hate china,U S A,Vietnam too much.

Chao somnang. cambodia

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A Lon Nol was a traitor of Cambodia ,he allow B 52 drop on Cambodia to kill thousand khmer innocent people. Who have work with Lon Nol are all traitor .

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Yes, A Lon Nol he was A kabot chea khmer, many people dies because of bomb B 52 of American, I was so young run from home to home for save my life. Thanks S K M for your post over here.

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