Friday, September 16, 2011

Sacravatoons no 2098 : The Diet "

Rodley said corruption, which costs the government an estimated $500 million a year, drains money from public coffers and “often makes international businesses think twice” before investing.

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Anonymous said...

With ignorance people you can't teach them ,only give food,some money ,they will be only understand,or our khmer people who was born in the Khmer Rouge are 1000 & 1000 see more than that,so I hope that young generation will or can try to change our Khmer society mentality; and the Khmer Law is only on the favor of rich people, you can buy with a lot of money the wrong justice to be the right and clean justice , so for this what we all khmer young generation should change ??? People who are the Lawyer ??? or people who make the Law or both in the same time ?