Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sacravatoons no 1964 : " The Tourists "


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Kingdom of Cambodia,dear Samdech Ouv, Samdech May .

My Ung Bun Heang like to joke only, well he is a best Cartoonist in Asia.

I love your all cartoon, thanks be my first friend since 59 year old.
We wish you a lot of happiness,live in hamony,best luck forever,have an iron health,live a long life, in this Khmer New Year.

Un ami ou frère de naissance de longue date.
Srok Barang.

Anonymous said...

Hi, hi , I know who are you " Srok Barang.

Well, hope you are in good health too, best luck to you bong Bung Heang and Bong Sari..... of ...B...

Khmer love Khmer.France

Anonymous said...

Kinda bored of Peking duck?.
Enjoy samlor ma-chou yuon while you back in Nom Benh.