Friday, March 18, 2011

Sacravatoons no 1956 : " Pak-Dewath Thgnay Dap Prambey Mina "

It was a Khmer Revolution against the Dictatorship of Sihanouk 41 yrs ago.

It called :" Coup d'Etat " what is calling now the REVOLUTION of People Power,everywhere in the Middle East.Long Live People Power !


Anonymous said...

Yes it is right and perfect art... and from then (18th June 1970) Khmer fraction, Khmer against Khmer, Khmer rough killed Khmer more than a million of Khmer Where EU, Where U.N, especially U.S.A who support Lonol for Coup d'Etat Why they have to wait until VN ??? I know very less those stories. but I doubt Why those heaven of democracy EU or US give chance to VN? they let Khmer Rough kill innocent people. Where human right watch? Again why giving this chance to VN? Libya just more than a thousand was killed EU, US, EU and other have take immediate action???

Funny Khmer, I may say Khmer abroad learns very well about democracy but doesn't meant Khmer abroad know well about game of US. or EU.

Why giving chance to VN?

Anonymous said...

I am agree with you 100% dear Anomymous : New regime is all better in first time, in french they call : Tout nouveau tout beau .
Lon Nol
was playing a dirty games with Henry Kissenger and compagny
That time, Prince Norodom Sihanouk was a traitor, and in france all young Khmer student support Khmer Rouge even me ( that time I was a young boy love our beloved Khmer Land or Srok Khmer chea ti snaeha )
Time is change,but Khmer politic is still the same: Khmer kill Khmer again and again ,this time ,Hun Sen is a bad boy, d├ęgage of Cambodia ?
When Khmer will stop to kill each-other ?it is the time to change to bad mentality: try to build New Cambodia by giving a new idea,by help Khmer Education 's systems , by help to teach khmer people how to do business, how to get a job , help poor people to work.
Well, corruption is still there ,what to do ? give this answer by write to world press .
Being stay out side and cry against Khmer inside is only a voice in the Air. You can not help any Khmer poor people.

S K MONOHA of Cambodia.Normandy.France

Anonymous said...

Lok S K MONOHA you are 1OO % right , when khmer stop to kill khmer, be strong and clever against V N , and Thailand.

Khmer Barang.France

Anonymous said...

Very good comment S K MONOHA , I am also agree with you,why fight against Khmer and Khmer.Better come to Cambodia and help Khmer poor people. We all know that Hun Sen is A youang Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Is Norodom Sihanouk is a dictarship or Hun Sen ?
Well, I am also OK with SKMONOHA 's message .
Best cartoon of sacrava .