Monday, February 07, 2011

Sacravatoons no 1928 : The Prophecy

Translation from Khmer
Prophecy by In (or Indra?): The country will meet war, blood will flow up the level of the elephant stomach in Chaktokmouk [Phnom Penh]" 2011?


Anonymous said...

This is just a legend of Khmer Indra prophe . Please don't believe it.

Well, late or soon, Tunisia,Egypt,Maroc, Algeria freedom valorous verdict will come to Khmer people,than our Cambodia will have a new Queen .
That time, all vietnamise Ayong will be all killed by a Moha Vireak sat Raj Kumar .
Wait and see this prophecy by Sarika of Battambang.

By sarika of battambang.France

Anonymous said...

You, sarika and A Ung bun heang are two mad in france and at australia