Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Lotus Revolution

The Lotus Revolution takes roots in Paris?


Anonymous said...

Good picture, photos and also good art during country has conflict against Siem Khmer abroad urge for revolution !!! Khmer help Khmer , Khmer unity. or Khmer destroy Cambodian??? funny Khmer. My lovely uncle get retired at broad nothing to do just call for revolution ...

Lost land to Siem and Youn still not enough but now continue destroy its country.
Why don't those uncle spend time to initiate any beneficially idea for former country rather than spent time call for revolution. I know very few thing but I don't believe revolution good for country. wants to deal with me Egypt will be good after revolution? it just game of U.S. or CHINA.

Anonymous said...

Very good comment dear Anonymous, I agree with you, in was 2 months last year in the Oct up to Dec, well, khmer people still poor in the all cambodia, but country is going to ba each day modern ,they build road,new home,new bridge,school etc..
Well, I though Sam Rainsy was a good opposition leader ( sis) but anyway, I don't understand why he don't joind this Khmer uncle ?

Sarika of Battambang.france

Anonymous said...

Very good comment dear lok bong
I don't like Hun Sen, bur call revolution in Cambodia is too much nas. hey hey hey sonolayka Hun Sen Get Out ! Hun Sen D├ęgage !!!!

Chao tauch .Italia