Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sinatoons : The Traitors

Note :
Sina was a student of Fine Arts University,Phnom Penh.
He works & lives in Montreal,Canada.
Recently he participates with our Sacravatoons Team.
Welcome to our Sacravatoons World.
Ung Bun Heang,
The Editor


Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Bun Heang,

Is it the way to introduce a young generation of Sacravatoon?

Anonymous said...

Dear Khmuy Khmuy,
I love to pass on the artistry toon
to those Kaun-Khmers who love to draw them.
This is an open school for them.
Hope one day I'll be in Cambodia,I'll share all my knowledge to those Kaun Khmer young generation !
Everyone can partipate in this site.
Welcome you all.Thanks for your heart toward our Cambodia & its People.
Pi Pou Bun Heang

Anonymous said...

Dear Sacrava!

I always enjoyed Nokor Thom cartoons back in 70's till it shut down.Then I found your web site in 90's.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear A6,
Many thanks for your kind words and also Happy New Year to you & your family all the best wishes in 2011.
Ung Bun Heang