Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nokor Thom News : July 14,1974 the last printing

July 14,1974,it was the last printing of Nokor Thom News.Soth Polin was the Editor and became a political fugitive who had fled with his family to France.After the plane was took off from the Pochentong Airport....an hour later the news copies were sold in the market.The authority had confiscated them.Ech copy was sold from 200 riel to 10,000 riel in the black market.
Myself,Ung Bun Heang, had given out for free in a few hundred copies to the friends & teachers at the Fine Arts University.

1) Marshal Nol Nol
2) General Sostein Fernandez
3) General Hou Hong Sin
4) Prime Minister Long Boreth
5) Prince Sisowath Sirimatak
6) General Ith Suon
7) General Thaphanagnin
8) Mistress Srey Touch
9) General Chhim Chhuon
10)General Lon Non

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Anonymous said...

Bun Heang you did not put up the name of the dead person in the coffin. wasn't he the minister labelled in those days as "Chea chiss ko Nhi"? He was killed with Keo Sang Kim, minister of education at the Lycee 18 Minear (Yukanthor) in June 1974.