Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1646 : " GOOGLE "


Anonymous said...

Where is your friend Sarika 's comment ? is he die ? like you ,can not come to motherland back ? Sacrava ?
Why you are so stupit ,always against our Khmer P.M ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sacrava,

There is a story from Kampong Cham, saying that the house of Mr. Heng Samrin at Pognear Kr├ęk now turns to be inside the Vietnamese territory.

Besides that, please do me a big favour, ignore whatever the dumbo above said. It seems to me he has eaten to much Trokuon-sngor (boiled water grass) too much.

Someone told me that he has been once placed in the boiled room.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sacrava and Sarika ,both of you are the lover of Cambodia,so please don't care about the fellow who eat too much Trokuon sngor.
May be Sarika is busy,anyway I wish him a best health.

Khmer Love Khmer,Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments dear friend,I was busy with change to new home.I am here still alive,don't worry.

Sarika of Battambang.Fr