Monday, February 15, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1587 : " Chun Cheat Kampuchea "


Anonymous said...

Khmer Proverb:
To commit an evil act in order to create a division. "To beat the water and scare away the fish." That was why no one could figure out the “Who was Angkar Leu/Cap Tren,” which are the secret words of Hanoi-meaning “To divide and rule”. “To murder the Khmers for needy-hungry Vietnamese people who need more land”.

Sarika of

Anonymous said...

Good comment of Mr Sarika, you and Ung Bun Heang, are the Khmer real compatriot.
One is the best cartoonist and the second the best writer.You two look like :Inseparable bird. I just come to know that you two were friend since born at Battambang.
God bless you two,live a long life to serve our Khmer's culture from Youn-Siam- Chen .
Khmer love Khmer.Cambodia

XANH MELAN said...
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