Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1598 : " Ruom Ritt "


Anonymous said...

Who is Grandpa Ruom Ritt ?

At a time when the border situation creates a tense situation between the opposition and the ruling parties, a report indicates that Ta (Grandpa) Ruom Ritt, the “childhood friend” of King-Father is resurfacing following a several year-long silence. Ta Ruom Ritt’s voice is broadcasted on an Internet radio and it is also reported by a local newspaper.

During the last few days, discussions among politicians, reporters and observers are centered around the resurfacing of Ta Ruom Ritt, the “childhood friend” of King-Father Norodom Sihanouk.

The appearance of Ta Ruom Ritt was broadcasted through interviews with an US-based radio. The fledgling radio station, known as World Khmer Radio, interviewed a man who claimed to be Ta Ruom Ritt. The interviews are also published by the local “Khmer Machas Srok” newspaper on Feb 20.

Ta Ruom Ritt is known among Cambodian politicians, reporters and political observers through King-Father’s website – which used to publish several of his letters, in particular when the political situation is tense. In the past, Ta Ruom Ritt used to criticize PM Hun Xen’s regime.

Through the letters he wrote in French and the views he expressed on King-Father’s website, some observers had considered Ta Ruom Ritt to be no other than King-Father himself. However, the former monarch always denied this fact and he claimed that Ta Ruom Ritt was his childhood friend who currently lives in France.

Following severe warnings from Hun Xen and the latter’s request for Ruom Ritt to show his face to confront him personally, King-Father decided to stop the publication of Ta Ruom Ritt for the past several years. However, the voice of Ta Ruom Ritt is now resurfacing. According to the interviews, Ruom Ritt still maintains his position in criticizing the lost of Cambodian territories. Ruom Ritt also praised opposition leader Sam Rainsy, calling him a true Khmer Son who revealed the truth about the loss of Cambodian territories.

Nevertheless, the true identity of Ruom Ritt still remains a mystery.

Sarika of Battambang.Fr

Anonymous said...

Wow, a good comment of Sarika, you are great.
Thank to bong Sacrava,you have a great talent of draw the cartoon.
Live long live to you two.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Ngin Chhorn who claimed to be Ruom Ritt.
Any way thanks to Sarika and Sacrava.Both are the best khmer compatriots.

Khmer love Khmer.Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Dear sarika and dear Ung Bun Heang beloved,it is the time for all khmer to wake up,if not we will loss our Khmer Land to Youn.
I read on www.khmerization that :
Mr. Ly Diep, editor-in-chief of Angkor Borei News who claimed to know Mr. Ngin Chhorn very well, editorialised on 24th February that he doesn't know why Ngin Chhorn want to become the fictitious Mr. Ruom Ritt. Mr. Ly Diep said that the real Mr. Ruom Ritt is Sihanouk himself.

Captain of Pusat.Kingdom of Cambodia