Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1576 :" Chumteav Thom-Thom "


Anonymous said...

Mork! Hai ! Mork! Hai !
Sacrava boy ,you should say Mork !Hai! Ba ! Bon!
Well, I never seen before that Prime Minister become Army Chief Commander,did you have seen ,anywhere in this world?
Cambodia of C C P is Moha lot ploss. Funny chumteat Bun Rany ,made in china.
Thanks for sharing us this funny cartoon.
S,Lost of b√Ęton.Fr

Anonymous said...

Idea of Sacrava or lovely Bun Heang of Sarika same as Siem prime Minister speech other Siem Prime ... Mr. Bun Heang you may a good mouth of Siem Prime Minister. Mr. Bun Heang why didn't you call Sarika when u were at France? You make her dissapointed ... Whatever you do Sarika always by your side :-)