Friday, November 27, 2009

Sacratoons no 1436 : " ECCC,Champagne and Mith Duch "


Anonymous said...

Dear Lok Khmer Rouge !

Bring to me the ignorance towards the knowledge. From the darkness towards the light, from the mortality of the body towards the immortality of the soul .

S K MONOHA of Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Thank dear sacrava for your 2 phone call. Bon Voyage to your home at Australia.Have a good trip.

Well, in next life,we will meet each-other

Anonymous said...

Sacrava toons become love chat...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it took the court system
70 million some dollars to dig
you out your grave and put you back
together, so the liars (lawyers) the
world can have a good look at you
before you dissentagrade, (can't
spell at the moment.)
You must be the honest one of all
the guilty party. B/C the rest of
them refused to cooperate stayed
dead in their graves. Thanks for
admitting your wrong Mr. Duch.
I know it must be very hard when
everyone else are right.