Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sacravatoons : " Sath Yuki-Yukear Forever "

This is a Khmer folk tales in the Projum Roeung Preng Khmer. There were 2 friends lost in the jungle, were very frightened to sleep next to each other and fighting to get place in the middle. This is impossible because only 2 persons there so they came up with an idea which is to sleep head to head as they can touch and comfort each other. They finally fall to sleep after using the blanket to cover themselves from top to toes. It was the Rabbit who found them in perfect time whilst trying to deal with many animals that want to challenge him over his scam and conned acts. The animals cannot identify the 2 sleeping men who snored very loud. The rabbit declared this is the YUKI YUKEAR, a special animal sent by haven to protect the jungle and look after all animals that live there. All animals then ran away from the men failed to check the real fact that they are just the 2 scary clowns and allowed the rabbit to cheat them again and again.
The rabbit character in the folk tales is usually a very selfish and opportunist being. He doesn't care about the consequences caused by his scams...and many think that he is cleaver but only to serve his own benefit.
Hanoi is the rabbit in Cambodia.

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