Monday, July 27, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1485 : " Mu Sochua,Khmer Lady-Hero "


Anonymous said...

FRIDAY'S three-hour trial of opposition member of parliament Mu Sochua provoked tension both inside and outside the courtroom, with physical altercations between the lawmaker's supporters and security officials in the hallway of Phnom Penh Municipal Court and heated rhetoric during the actual proceedings.

As she arrived at the court to answer to defamation charges filed against her by Prime Minister Hun Sen, Mu Sochua described her case as a "struggle" that affected "the soul of all strugglers who struggle for justice".

The charges stemmed from an April speech given by Hun Sen, during which he referred to an unnamed woman as cheung klang, a term meaning "strong legs" that is viewed by some as derogatory when used to describe women. The speech prompted Mu Sochua to file a defamation suit.

Hun Sen denied that he had been referring to her and countersued her for defamation, pointing to an April 23 press conference in which she made her suit public. Mu Sochua's case was thrown out, whereas the premier was allowed to proceed with his.

Once inside the courtroom, Mu Sochua accused the ruling Cambodian People's Party of depriving her of legal representation. Her lawyer, Kong Sam Onn, opted out of the case after a defamation suit and bar complaint were filed against him.

"No lawyer would dare to represent me because of the fears and the pressure," she said. "My lawyer has become the victim for representing me."

She declined to respond to questions during the hearing.

In his presentation to Judge Sem Sakola, government lawyer Ky Tech accused Mu Sochua of encouraging people to direct "discrimination and hatred" towards Hun Sen.

Deputy Prosecutor Sok Kalyan said Mu Sochua's attempt to paint Hun Sen's comments as insulting to all women was a misleading ploy to "put the blame" on the premier.

"Samdech [Hun Sen] had made the speech about one woman, not towards women in the whole country and the world," he said. "Mu Sochua said that it affected women in general, but it is not a fact."

Sem Sakola said she would deliver a verdict August 4.

SRP scuffle
Before Mu Sochua's arrival, politicians, supporters, journalists and observers gathered outside the Municipal Court building, some of them holding candles as a part of an SRP-led demonstration of solidarity with the lawmaker.

After some of the candle-holding supporters moved into the building, police tried to confiscate the candles, saying they had been instructed to do so by their superiors.

Some members of the group resisted, including SRP lawmaker Chea Poch, who said, "You are police, you should not be doing this."

The exchange led to a brief shoving match in the hallway of the courthouse, though no injuries were sustained.
Guru of phnom Sampeav.
Srok B horse.

Anonymous said...

hero???? i mean.... yeah i do admire her, but hero??? i don't think so! that's too exaggerated, she's not that yet!

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, she is not Hero for you,but for the Cartoonist U.B.H is a woman who fight againt H S and the corruption govr't.I think you love your mother,a woman give you a birth,and This woman fight for Freedom of expression.You dear should support this woman.
Sarika of battambang.pryamittre of U.B.H since born.

Anonymous said...

anyone how stands up to hun sen
(k r eastern division battalion comander)
is a hero.
b t s

Anonymous said...

She is more on political. I hate politician... Actually, she plays this around 1. First spoil Hun Sen government against woman. Second gain more power in Sam Rangsy PP. Third popularity among nation. It is not about freedom and Sophisticated of woman. When she failing into trick of Hun Sen she treat herself which can't avoid then she need civil society for help and shout Hun Sen again woman??? Why she brough womanitary again as her benefit again Hun Sen? It is Political not about Woman mother of the world... She is not my mother...

Anonymous said...

Another Hun senist suportor, you are a blind man like H S.
Who dare and against Hun Sen will be in jail.

Sarika of Battambang.Fr

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarika of Battambong,
Why Cambodian never found unity... we lost land because Khmer fraction. I am a woman but i don't support Mu Sochua performance.
You may accuse me i am blind woman but one thing is true is she done for her party/for herself not for woman.

Have a nice day my dear Sarika...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Anomymous beloved, I am agree with you ,but you please look around Actuel Khmer Politic of PPC and Hun Sen,why you don't open your mind,dearest sister,why you so hart with a woman,if you also a Khmer woman ?Well, I do know politic since a young boy,my father was cuff in the politic of Cambodia since a very long time.Well,he was not cambodian.But being stay near the top leader of Cambodia. He also use to give advice to N.Sihanouk,but no way,he only listening to his A yoang.Well, may be you live at abroad .
With a lot of love dearest sister or Kmouy beloved.
Sarika of Battambang.
P.S : For me She is a hero ,who fight against Hun Sen,a blind of power,thisty of honor,money and etc....
I never see,in any country the P.M can built school,university,road ,pagoda and put his name. except the toilet don't have his name in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarika...
I'm proud to have chat with you.
I'm younger, i born during Pol Pot, I never seen my father face even a pictur because of that regime. My station in Cambodia since my birth. What i've seen this country those political playing trick each to gain own benefit they cheat among khmer. Looking at history Khmer got trouble because khmer itself not other... ( Genocidal, cut land to neighbors, grap power with foreign help... Those politician never find a colaborate for country growth but just do what they understood that is right. I don't care whose name at school, road but i care about country developing. The big thing that Cambodia hard to change is corruption. WHY? almost 4 years Cambodian had been treat a bad thing from young to older... That's why I want those politician unity to develop country. Frankly, what Cambodia politician play today just like a humorouse comic.
ANYWAY, YOU HAVE RIGHT TO SUPPORT HER. but I've neither support.
All the Best

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous beloved, I am 1OO % agree with your analyse, don't care whose name at School,Road ...etc,only care about country is develping, but don't forget that mean, He is a strong man,seem Khmer New God.So what he did is right.
Glad to meet you over here,dear lok phaaun srey or phaaun pross beloved.
Sarika of Battambang.
P S : SOrry to know that you lose your father in the Khmer Rouge's regime.With a lot of love to you dear.Thank for your kind opinion ,even is not the same like mine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarika...

Thanks for your kindness and real Cambodian heart and Soul... please accept my respect.
In order to have a good manner my Dear Sarika please don't easy accuse some one as Hun Senist or Sam Ransynist I found that because of this painting make Cambodian lost not only alomost 2 million but Cambodia lost every thing.
It is such dangerious if that idean staying in Cambodian heart and soul. Again we are suffering until this minute it is because of that painting history...

Lot of love...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous beloved,Lok kmouy srey or kmouy pross :
For your last comment,I have no comment to say, but I hope dear U.B.H will reply for your question about his cartoont.
Nothing to add,only my warm love with best regards to you dear Anonymous.
From Sarika of Battambang.Fr