Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1467 : " Ek Udom Suth Dina "


Construction said...

Dear Sacrava,
I have always see Sacrava web i found that you know alot about political not only Cambodia but most part around the world. However, Sacrava is good at critic Cambodia but you dare not against Siem or Youn. Sacrava may learnt that border tension until now because of Siem King but i had seen nothing from Sacrava critic Siem I think u still a Cambodia spirit Devote against your self among nation but repect foreigner... Are you khun thai?

Anonymous said...

Dear Construction ,
I know Sacrava web since a long time,and his master I know since he was two or three years old.
UNG BUN HEANG is a Khmer ,he love Cambodia like all Cambodian, If you are just come to read his sacrava toons ,you can not say that he is a Khun thai or even Youn .Sorry to say that you did not read all his cartoons.
Nothing more to add.Open your little eyes. Wacth all his cartoons.

Sacrava said...

Gugu Monoha,
pls email me : sacravatoons@optusnet.com.au.
Ung Bunheang

Anonymous said...

Dear U.B.H
Sathouk ! sathouk! sathouk !

Anonymous said...

Dear Bong Anomymous,
I really appreciate your prompt reply. I know that you really like U.B.H but love can be blinded... What i need as we are Cambodia why don't have constructive criticite? I know our country full of corrupt. Can't We find a really good way to critic... eg: 1 container export from KH-US list item what shipper official spending so we can find how muc both customs and Camcontrol officer eat $... this can be apply to any Ministry. I love this way... not just criticism... I am Cambodia i love to see we love each other in same way... Can i beg you please...

Anonymous said...

Dear lok phaaun Anomymous beloved,
My love to any body is not blind, well, you give your opinion on Cambodia's politic . But dear lok phaaun Anomymous : UNG Bun Heang is an artist ,he give his opinion by his art . I am a writer,I can only give my opinion by my word.
I believe you ,that you love our Cambodia as well all Koun Khmer Neak Cheat Niyum.
Well, no one is a perfect person,some time I also criticize my old Moha Preymitt when he write : Scambodia,that I don't like it too.
For me, friend is a friend but in if my friend done wrong thing , I am there to correct him , his bad or good felling toward me I don't care.
Pi Bong : S K M