Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1425 : " ....With $ 500 million "

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The Cambodian government, by the voice of Om Yin Teng, minister of state in load of the unit of fight against corruption, highly reacted to the speech made by the American ambassador at the time of a concert of the countryside “Clean Hand” organized by ONG Pact Cambodia. Last Saturday, with the Olympic stadium, Carol Rodley had declared on scene that the budget of the kingdom was amputee of 500 million dollars each year because of corruption.
For Om Yin Tieng, these declarations undermine the honor of the government. “It did not analyze in-depth the situation. It was satisfied to base its speech on incomplete documents. It is irresponsible” denounced the minister of state, also to advise of Hun Sen. According to him, Carol Rodley would have used an investigation carried out in 2004 by the Institute of economy of Cambodia, supported by Usaid, and which evoked the figure of 500 million. “At the time, these results made laugh everyone” was ironical Om Yin Tieng.
It also raises that right before the legislative elections of 2008, a survey carried out near the Cambodian ones placed corruption at the seventh rank of eight main concerns of the Khmer people. According to him, the government did many efforts to fight against corruption and that therefore the PC gained the poll. “The government is always ready to collaborate with ONG or other institutions but it needs precise evidence. Corruption exists in Kampuchea but it is not as serious as ONG and the American ambassador support it. On my side, I promise that the law anti-corruption will be between the hands of the National Assembly as soon as the Penal code is adopted. Even if that amounts dismissing me myself of the position of director of the unit anti-corruption” the minister of state indicated.
The Council of Ministers carries-parolat for its part supported that the speech of Carol Rodley had caused the incomprehension of the population khmère and of the international community. He asks an official correction. He then made circulate, via the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, a mail within the various embassies installed with Phnom Penh, in which he expressed his regrets to see the representative of a foreign country blaming the Kampuchean government on the basis of an erroneous report/ratio emanating from an ONG very close to the opposition
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