Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1389 : " Chea Vichea's Day "


Anonymous said...

I wishes you HAPPY BIRTH DAY dear U.B.H on your 57 year olds on the 5th May comming soon.Live long life,happiness,rain of money drop on your home,good health and best luck.
S K M and Sokvy K

Sacrava said...

Thank U very much for your blessing.
And also best wishes to you & your family.
Bun H. Ung

Anonymous said...

Svakom lok Sacrava toons ,
Happy birth day to you lok phaaun pross : Ayou Vannak Sokhhak Pealeak and Padecpheaneak meas dol lok phaaun ning krom krusa.
An old man from France.

I love your cartoont. Live long life.