Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1371: " Nhem En's Eyes "


Anonymous said...

This greedy bastard said that he needs the money to fund his museum.
The truth is for funding his OWN WALLET..............pure and simple.
This mother f...er have no shame nor conscience ,a typical KR like his boss ah kwack and his gang of killer in PP.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous ,
I am 100 % agree with you.
Well, this single eye need money to build his HOT SEX (Hun Sen) museum ? ask his Pandit(Dr)Bun Rany to sell her s..x for youn,chen,siam for build HOT SEX MUSEUM.
The shadow of 2 and half million Khmers will come soon to his home and ask him, you was also a Khmer Killer like Pol Pot and compagny.
Sarika of Battambang,
saikal in hindi.