Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1365 :" A re-ordained Monk, Tim Sakhorn "

Tim Sakhorn is an ex-abbot of Phnom Den North Pagoda in Takeo province. He was arrested by the Cambodian authority in June 2007, handed to Vietnamese authority and was jailed for one year in Vietnam on charges of involving in subversive activities against Vietnam. The Vietnamese authority released him on the conditions that he will not return to live permanently in Cambodia. On 4th of April he was given permission to visit relatives in Cambodia for the Khmer New Year festivities for 14 days. During his stay in Cambodia, he agrees to talk to Mr. Mondul Keo of RFA as below:
Interview with Tim Sakhorn

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Anonymous said...

Dear Preah sang TIM Sakhorn beloved, live a long life and happy Khmer New Year to you.
With Preah Butth Pou chey
Ayouth , Vannak,Sokkhak, Poleank Ning Padecpheaneak.
From S K M of Cambodia