Monday, April 13, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1363 : " Land of Red & Yellow "


Anonymous said...

Svakom dear U.B.H
That is true, that Phnom Penh become a tomb in the regime of Khmer Rouge, one day Hanoi be dissolve,and now Bangkok will be disappear soon,and Angkor Watt wil become a happy place for all Khmer people.This proverb is may be happen tomorrow as soon.
Who make the good action will receive the best luck,who make the bad action will go to hell.

Anonymous said...

i hope so!

when hell needs hun sen the yuon loose power in cambodia.

so the khmer krom can claim prey nokor back.

and, khmer surin love khmer angor, remove bangkok.

ar-net khmer
vic aus

Anonymous said...

ใคร เป็น ยักษ์

Anonymous said...

Chum Reap Sua

I hope Thais should learn more neigbor country history if some cuntry were controled by many propaganda what is goal for this!?

Som Suk Sbai

Manut Siem