Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1302 : " Hyena-Om Yen Tieng "


Anonymous said...

YOU,CAMBODIA MY MOTHER LAND You, beloved Cambodia, lets my glance kiss you
You, the ground of my thousand-year-old culture, the perfumes of your nudity me enivrer leaves.
You, the goddess leaves to my arms you éteintre your beautiful Apsara
You, my love, lets my heart adore you, my Khémara mother.

Oh! Temple of Angkor, how much time I saw you thus,
So radiant and serene, very fairy-like Bayon.
You, the city Khmer, vêtue in the sky of an emerald sarong
The wind makes shiver your rice plantations, when frail the zéphur grinds.

You, the river of Mekong, how much time I saw you thus,
Thousands fish to be born and nourish your people without concern.
Like each evening, I sleep with the very beautiful music of trô
In the remote sky, étreint the horizon, when the evening calls you.

In my sleep, how much time I awoke,
In a small bed, in this foreign distance.
My dream shovel-mixes, sad when the dream disappears,
Merry and merry when, the hope sings its melody.

You, the river of “Sangker”, hears in my heart, to run this brook
Carrying my silencer dreams with the liking of its water.
And scorning the attractions of its charm,
Listen to it, the brook of my tears.

You are the lords of Cambodia, awake you, all is not finished.
For one decade, the war has destroyed your people and their life.
Today, still, by corruption, people suffers and fails,
Offer to Khmer people, peace, freedom, prosperity and the true democracy.
Sacrifice my life and my body clings to you Cambodia, my mother land.

S K M OF Cambodia

P S: Sorry if I have make some mistake.S K M

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yintieng,

You don't need to challenge the global witness to swear because it is the old way to cheat the people. You know Cambodia or Khmer people, especially at the country side believe in swearing, so you do in this way.

Why don't you challenge the Global witness to the court, I mean International court about defame your name?

Anonymous said...

CAMBODIA : Oil incomes and mining treatened by corruption . BANGKOK (AFP) - the Cambodia political elite took the control of the oil and mining richnesses of the country, putting in danger the economic future of this small kingdom, whereas the international community makes as so nothing was, affirmed Thursday Global Witness.

This ONG, based in London, ensured that Cambodia, one of the poorest countries of the world, had sufficient natural resources not to depend more on foreign aid, but that the donor countries were to make more to prevent abuses.

In a new report/ratio entitled “Country to be sold”, Total Witness, defense organization of the environment which supervises the exploitation of the natural resources, declared that the potential incomes of oil, natural gas and the mines in Cambodia “were compromised by the nepotism and corruption with an high level”.

“The same political elite which plundered the wood resources of the country now took the control of the mining and oil richness”, said a director of Total Witness, Gavin Hayman.

“Unless that does not change, there is a true risk to miss an occasion to leave a whole generation poverty, it informed.

In June 2007, the Cambodian government had prohibited a preceding report/ratio of Total Witness affirming that the political elite of the country, whose members of the entourage of the Hun Sen Prime Minister, was directly implied in the deforestation and the illegal traffic of wood.

In this new report/ratio, ONG indicated that the potential reserves out of oil, gas and other ores had been the subject of a distribution between a small number of powerful around Hun Sen and other high ranking officials of the mode.

The document implied that million dollars, poured by oil companies and mining to gain such or such concession, could not appear in the accounts of the State.

The government of Phnom Penh immediately did not react to the assertions of Total Witness.

More than 75 companies are implied in operations of extraction in Cambodia, of which international operators known as the American giant Chevron who discovered oil traces and gas in 2005.

Cambodian, which painfully leaves several decades of war, hopes to start to produce oil around 2011, according to the authorities which remain discrete on the number of companies currently committed in operations of exploration in six vast fields off the southernmost coasts.

At the end of 2007, Hun Sen had warned against any disproportionate optimism, affirming that it was “highly premature” to launch out in estimates of reserves and dates of entry in production.
eatened by corruption .

Sarika keo of Battambang.