Monday, January 26, 2009

Sacravatoons no 1286 : " Hanoi-Human Rights "

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Anonymous said...

Two sequences, turned by Vietnamese soldiers after the release of Phnom Penh in January 1979, could be versed with the file.

Filmed in black and white, the first film shows cells and decapitated bodies still attached to their bed, in the building has prison of Phnom Penh. Turned by Vietnamese soldiers in the neighbourhoods of on January 10, 1979, dates from the catch of Phnom Penh and of the fall of the mode of pol. Pot, this film describes the horror of sadly celebrates S-21 camp, directed by Duch, currently imprisoned in the gaols of the CETC.

In addition to this exceptional document of 7mn 35s, another watch of the Vietnamese soldiers who evacuate children of the same place. This material was sent by the Vietnamese government to the Document Center off Cambodia (Cd.-Camwood) to December 2008.

On January 28, the Co-prosecutors Yet Chakriya and William Smith deposited a motion so that these films, reappeared after the instruction closure, are versed with the file as incriminating evidences.

Duch is planned for next February 17.
Sarika keo of Battambang.