Friday, December 26, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1253 : " Santa-Clown's text message "


Anonymous said...

Hi Sacrava,

I am a Thai and I really love your cartoons! They are thoughtful and insightful. Thai media is like shit. They always distort the truth and those in Bangkok are brainwashed by this shit every day, you know, like the king is good, the queen is neutral, and so on. Fuck that. So, please don't mind if someone post a stupid comment in your blog. They are just Bangkokians who are brainwashed by the propaganda of the king and think that they are smart 'cause they have access to internet, news, colleges, etc. So, keep on, Sacrava! :)

Anonymous said...

by Hanuman

Abhisit Veijajava, Thais Prime Minister was born in England. He is better serve Queen of England
than Thais, he don't speak Thais influently without a mixing a word of English, of course he don't eat Thais food,
then he has been raised and educated in England; no one can denied that if he know about Thais culture.Hanuman
share by S K M

Anonymous said...

3:20 PM,

I support idea!
I like person who said that!

Khun Khmer

Anonymous said...

ไอ่พวกเขมร heer heer