Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1244 : " "


Anonymous said...

Dear all Khmer sister-brother be
loved . Apsara naked picture that you all have seen in :, I think these picture are not so dangerous as what we have in our society these days for our culture. What does people in the world know about our country? Please see the 2nd post by skmonoha those are the actual problem for our culture. Hey if I have any luck to get one of those sexy Apsara I will hang on my bed room!

By the way please see quote From Wikipedia

An Apsara (Sanskrit: अप्सरा: apsarāḥ, plural अप्सरस: apsarasaḥ, stem apsaras-, a feminine consonant stem) or Accharā (Pāli), is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Frequently encountered English translations of the word "Apsara" are "nymph," "celestial nymph," and "celestial maiden."

Apsaras are supernatural beings: they appear as young women of great beauty and elegance who are proficient in the art of dancing. They are the wives of the (1)Gandharvas, court servants of Indra. They dance to the music made by their husbands, usually in the palaces of the gods, and entertain gods and fallen heroes.

(1)Gandharvas (Sanskrit: गंधर्व, gandharva) are male nature spirits, husbands of the Apsaras. Some are part animal, usually a bird or horse. They have superb musical skills. They guarded the Soma and made beautiful music for the gods in their palaces.

There are many singers who were popularly known as Gandharvas for their mastery of Indian Classical Music. All of them, at one time or another, were theater actors who performed in various musicals. Their style of music is known as Natya Sangeet in Marathi, literally "Dramatic Music." Though not related to each other, the vast majority of the general population, predominantly in the state of Maharashtra, regarded them as the masters of Indian classical music.
Source : Koh Santepheap Khmer Forum.
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"La nuduté dans l' ART ,ce n'est pas erotique ni pornographie.
The naked in ART is not erotic or pornography "

Anonymous said...

If this bitch MP had body nicer than those apsaras.I will swim from Boston habor to Cambodia.Bitch!!!.


Anonymous said...

"To be carnally mind is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."

What is carnally minded? Sensual, lust of the eye, immoral...

You know I can make a bet that the
decline of Khmer Culture and society
was due to sensuality, (Apsara).
A nation is destroy from within before an outside force is involved.