Friday, December 05, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1233 : " PPP's Bone "


Anonymous said...

HM needs Yaba to cool down his throat.

Dr.Kamjohn Chandacham said...

Ha Ha.....

It's true....

This is on my thinking, also many Thais...... But cannot speak out loud.

p.s. Thanks for Khmerrougetoons.....

Hope my country not walk into situation like this...(but nearly)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ทำไมมึงรู้วะ หือ
วาดเก่งนะ ขอชื่นชม

Anonymous said...

i think Narodom Srihanu 's the best king in da world ha ha

Dr.Kamjohn Chandacham said...

Dear, Bun Heang Ung...

Your cartoons are already mentioned in Thai's website, sameskybooks (, with some reaction....

Most royalist don't like it so much....

But I do like it....

Thanks for your cartoon

p.s. your blog cannot open in my country, I'm not sure...It's banned or not....I use web proxy to see your blog....

Anonymous said...

fucking your ass. if have any people of Cambodian come into Thailand must die all fuck.

Anonymous said...


khunthai said...

you are stupid and vulgar.ไอ้เลว ชั่ว เฮ้ย มาด่าในหลวงของกรู ไม่ทราบว่าท่านไปเผาบ้านพวกมึงเหรอ ไอ้หน้าส้นตรีน

I love The King Thailand

Sacrava said...

I though Thai-People are civilised.
I love your cursing that will reflect to your own race & nation.
Pls curse more to let the world that Thai-King & Thai-Army are untouchable and invincible.

Nobody couldn't believe that the Berlin wall was down,Soviet Empire was falling apart....and now 2008,the Empire of the Yanks are going down.Why & Why ?

our Lord Buddha said :
" Everything is Impermanence "

Bun H.Ung

Anonymous said...

You bad bustard!!

How dare you!!!

Sacrava said...

Is it the Thai language or Jungle words from Southern tribe from China?
......cuz we're all had bought the single ticket already,no return !!!!
Do you have an invincible return ticket ?

Bun H.Ung

Anonymous said...

If u think u r cool, u just post to all thailand website.

Not just on your asshole space.

Don't come to my country with idiot thinking of fucking drawing like this.

Sacrava said...

Do I talk to a Thai-Barbarian ?
Do they use those terms in the Royal Palace ?
You,guy have no idea about Democracy.
I wonder why the decent Thai-People like to change this unlawful & dictatorship regime which is ruled by Warlord who is always about the Law.
Why do make you think I have to go Thailand ? to learn the Barbaric-Cursing Terms ?
Bun H.Ung

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ta Bu Heng

I'm siem. I think, the political crisis condition of Thailand is animation for lern about "what is the real democratic?" for Suvarnaphumi people.(some comment for Siems looklike propaganda too for his idea, on the last and until now I can searching and enjoy with your website are free in Thailand). Many of your cartoon were used to anti-royalist (I'm not sure about this group goal ,some of them anti some one but they support some one look like monarchy(that mean they don't care about the real think they care only something have same way with their idea!!!). Please think in different way you are anti-Hun Sen and X-mer polictical people but you think positive about Thaksin(Hun Sen's best friend??). If power of Thaksin come from real prachachon power(real democratic???), what do you think about the resource of power of Hun Sen. Yaun????

I like Thai King but I also like to enjoy with different thinking that like mirror for understanding the opposite thinks.

Suk Sabai

Anonymous said...

please respect for our beloved king

Anonymous said...

Do not be coward !
Being a Pig do not be afraid of muddy.
Politik is a dirty game,if we like to play pls do not cry !
So far how many innocent Thai People died in this democratic game ?

We cannot see clearly our nose because it's too close,do we ?

Anonymous said...

Is it the Thai language or Jungle words from Southern tribe from China?
......cuz we're all had bought the single ticket already,no return !!!!
Do you have an invincible return ticket ?

Bun H.Ung

I wonder what was Khmer like before Indian came to you.

and for the picture I believe PPP would die for King to speak but the invincible hand if you know what I mean dig a little deeper and you know the King isn't your target.

Anonymous said...

Lok Heang,

I Like your toons very much.
Keep up your good work!


Khmer in Long Beach, CA, USA

Anonymous said...

hey !!!

Mr. Bun H.Ung and Sacrava, i think ur a mother fucker

i hope u will go to hell soon

and i hope all ur family members gonna be killed as well. and hope ur mom, ur sista and ur wife gonna be raped by ur own soiders

why don't u post this fuckin' dam picture in Thailand? i challege u

u're just a coward , bastard and son of da bitch

u have fun by makin' this satiric picture

but why don't u turn back and look at ur country

is it better than mine?

i think not

u deserved to be oppressed by france

look at ur ruler first

how uncilize u are

although i really hate my gov but i love my king. he is my savior. because of him,i had a chance to study in US now. and because of him , the poors have a better ife. they have good career and better life.HIS MAJESTY THE KING sacrifice himself for developing his country

but look at ur king. what he'd done for Cambodia

easy to answer NOTHING

before u criticise my country, i suggest u to criticise ur own gov and king first.

According to my point of view, u are so worthless

u r nothing but a piece of shit!!!!

Anonymous said...

พวกสถน ต่ำ

Anonymous said...

11:19 PM,

Is that Thai civilization?

From Khmer in Long Beach

Anonymous said...

Hi Bunheang,

I am really proud of u, u always do a good job, please continue it.

Anonymous said...

khmer still did not wake up from khmer empire. They always stuck in the ancient period that never came back. Still not changes from 1,000 years ago. well come to the world na all of "Khmonkey".

Anonymous said...

hey Bun H.Ung, if you have a plenty of time to make these nonsense pictures, why don't u come back to cambodia, your beloved country, and remove all the landmines from ur land so that the cambodain will know how to spell peace and cilvilization

lalao_o said...

To MR.Bun Heang Ung

I came to visit your blog from my friends invitation. Your cartoons are quite great and they can show Thailand political situation very well. But because I'm Thai,so I think
I know lots of things more than you do. It's great that you have interest about Thai political. You may make cartoon in anyway that you wish to. But not about our KING. He's important for thai people so much as you would never understand.
I think you must understand and criticize about your country situation first.

With respectful,
from your neighbor, Thailand

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Bun Heang and all commentators,
To Mr. Bun Heang:
I have heard about your blog for a bit while, yet I had failed to log in for some reasons. To my surprise, you do have produced professionally artistic works for the readers of your blog. Those cartoons are more than just a motionless drawings, but they tell us about how intellectual and politically thoughtful you are. I wish I could meet you sometime, or if you ever come to Japan, please let me know I will show around my world and you will see how Japanese have built this beautiful island, Japan. You will be one of the respected artists in Japan, as here we like Cartoon (we call it Manga まんが「漫画」). I am telling you, Japanese magazines are very good at drawing pictures like you to express their thinking towards Japanese leaders (some even drew a cartoon with head of Koizumi (former Japanese prime minister) with dog body made love by another female dog from behind) which I feel disgusted of, too. However, it is the freedom of expression in such form, and such sensitive critics cannot be deprived from the top politicians, as they are subject to 24-hour and 365-day/year criticism by our people. I may want to see more of your works, as I see no immoral cartoons on your web at all.
To commentators related to Thai King cartoon,
I understand that you people love your King, but can you tell me and the whole world about why such Cartoon arouses your anger that much that some of you (not all Thai, I bet) have used such plain words as comments on the artist? To my ridicule, I was badly surprised to see you people talk about Democracy in your country, but your King is untouchable even by such a artistic work. What Democracy means to Thailand and Thai people? Democracy of Thailand is rooted on Monarchy?
I have been to Thailand at least 4 times for the past few years for my holidays, and I do love your smiling land, and I appreciate how you people have built up the Democracy. However, recently, after the act of lawlessness by the Yellow-T-shirt demonstration, I start to realize that I was deluded by the Thai Democracy. Few of my friends were stranded and failed to perform their work duties back home which result in loss of trust from their bosses.
Don’t you people think that the world of Democracy accepts the freedom of expression? If you all accept the way the Yellow-Shirters have recently caused turmoil in Thailand, why can’t you accept this small cartoon??
I am telling you folks that Japan has never dared say that we are the Democratic country since many scholars have conflicting opinions about the term Democracy here. Finally, we realized that we are Democratic country in communist world, and communist country in Democratic world.
But one of the significant aspect of our hybrid Democracy is that: as Civilized and Educated people, we never learn to curse each other in a plain manner (or what you guys are cursing the artist of the Cartoon is not yet plain enough in Thai language or in your Democracy?) even though sometimes our MPs almost fight each other in the Diet.
I still want to know why such Cartoon is regarded as an insult on your King. Anyone can help?

(Yamamoto, JAPAN)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha....the Thai King has a bad throat because he is yelling too much to his Thai gangster army telling them how to rob the Cambodia property at the border so the Thai King can sell more the Cambodia property and will makes him the richest man of the world title before he died.

From CuntThai

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Yamamoto

Very interesting your comment. I need to know about the condition of Japanese people all many cartoonist can work with their real imagine to blame about Japanese royal family all some mistake of Japanese history in the second world war with Korean, Chinese etc.

I read many Japanese manga or anime but I never saw something.

We need to learn many Democratic from Japanese, right.

Best wish

Manut Siem

Anonymous said...

to Yamamoto, JAPAN

Your emperor went to England and someone said something that wasn't nice at him so why did Japan have to be upset didn't Japan respect the freedom of speech or what? after all your emperor went to their land but our King just stay in his land but somejerk want to criticise him by something that he doesn't did.What do you feel if somejerk do the same with your emperor?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Yamamoto, JAPAN and Mr. Sacrava.

Regarding the question of why such cartoon disturbs many Thais? Just think of what will you feel if someone insult your parents in a very disrespectful way.

I am, however, not angry. I am indeed feeling very sorry for Mr. Sacrava to have been born and raised in the country that full of instability. He never has such a great King to understand how Thai people feel about their King, and that's pity.

I also feel sorry for Mr. Sacrava for his lack of judgment to know that one should always treat other with respect. Even if when he/she doesn’t believe in something, he/she shouldn't show such disrespect.

With that said, such disrespectful and insulting behavior of Mr. Sacrava speaks a lot more about his/her personality/quality than about the King of Thailand.

For decades, Thailand was one of the most stable countries (mainly because of the King) in the region and has hosted thousands of refugees, many of which are Cambodians. Despite such disrespect from someone like Mr. Sacrava, I'm sure Thailand will continue their courtesy toward their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

To dear anonymous : Thai was a Khmerland before,Thai or siam come from Mongoli-china .
thai or siam king was some cousin of Khmer King relative.
So, please don't say bad about your faithfuly country and its people.
Sacrava was sometime in Thailand.
Thank dear Mr Siam,for your help to some Khmer refugie people come to stay tempory in your country( old Khmer LAND.
I know that a lot of refugie people die by Thai militaryman.
Bye, see you again.
Sarika keo,Fr

Sacrava said...

Dear Mr Yamamoto,
Many thanks for your kind words & compliments.
Democracy is spelling with only a few words but the real meaning is so large to every mankind.From the distance far away from Home,Cambodia,where I've been living in Down Under for 28 yrs.Australia is my adopted home where I've been learned so much from everything that including the freedom of speech which is never exist in land of Cambodia,perhaps the Land of Smiles ?
From here I can see more clearly vision toward some fake Democracy is existing in South Asia Countries where the dictatorship regimes are ruling and oppressing its own people.We cannot clearly see our nose cuz it's too close.
As a victim of insane politik,greed and power in Cambodia where I've been through during KR regime(,in Thailand refugee camp..and until I flew out
to Australia through Don Muang Airport on the 24th,May 1980.I remembered we were all seating on the floor,even we knew the ticket was paid in full price by UNHCR.
When the plane took off the runway,I was in tear and heard my heart was crying :" Freedom !".
Recently when I heard the turmoil in Thailand,all of my memories were flashing back and vivid animated ....
And I tried to see how and why such a beautiful land of Smiles is going cracy like it?
Cuz the Greed,Power has drove some Insane Politicians are stiring the peace of Thailand .
Do the Thai-Innocents deserve it?
Some killed through the demonstration and the conflict of Preah Vihear.
Buddha said : Everything is Impermanence.
If they do not take care of this genlte land it'll the Fire.When the fire starts it'll be hard to stop,like Cambodia today where we just wait another "Peasant Revolution",as Hun Xen had mentioned himself many times.
I hope my toons will make you all to share my experiences which I wish,that no other human being will have to endure.

Bunheang Ung,
Sydney Down Under

Anonymous said...

What a fucking freedom that ur means like this ?

Our king isn't ur fucking toy from the drawing.

I can said that 99.99% of Thais love Kingrama 9 very much, and we know a lot of things more than ur fucking thinking like this.

Anonymous said...

I have doubt,Thai People 1000% love Thai-King.
To his beloved people will he share his large wealth of $35 Billion to them or let them live in the poverty?
So far What we know only Thasink ,who is called corruptor,could delivery the prosperity to the rural people.
Do not forget the poor can cause any trouble once the High Class look down on and ignore them.
a Thai from the North

Anonymous said...

Chakri Dynaty the decendent of Neay Duorng who was born in Kampot Province in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bunheang and other readers,
Profound thanks to Mr. Bunheang for your response. Of course, I have learnt some about the history of Cambodia. I visited Angkor Wat. The beauty of Angko captured my heart as well as other Japanese people a lot (but to tell the truth, not all Japanese wish to see Angkor Wat once in their lives, rather they enjoy going to EU countries for fun time). I personally learn how painful experiences you and other Cambodians have had, esp. the inhuman acts carried during the Khmer Rouge regime. I can imagine how Jewish were tortured and killed by Hitler, yet I still cannot imagine how your Pol Pot and his colleagues killed their own people. Toul Slegn and the Cheung Ek could give me some pictures of the killing field, but I still cannot understand the reasons why and why. I wish I could attend the Khmer Rouge Tribunal hearing to hear them testify, esp. Pol Pot, Bang Thon I ?
Frankly speaking, I did not dare to go to Siem Reap before as I saw many websites (not many now) mentioned only about land mines and war and robbery and other cruel things about Cambodia (which I thought it was the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime). However, when I got there, things were totally different from the rumors. Your people are friendly, smiling (even though I know some of them are poor, but they still give a glance and smile to foreigners) and gentle. Above all, they are playful (I want to say they all have sense of humors). If I were to rate the best thing in Cambodia among those in S.E Asia, your Khmer people would be on top.
I understand about the feeling of loss that Cambodians have. Land loss, peace loss, reputation loss, and more. These MAY BE the result of your past PRIDE?
But I am telling, your people have not lost hospitality towards foreigners yet, and you have not lost pity from foreign community, too. The ordeal you all have had can be the firm foundation for the future restoration of your nation, while some countries of your neighbor, to me, seem to be too proud of their so-called civilization, that Japanese rarely call it on our own. But Japanese are proud of what we are too.
To other commentators: I do understand about what was happening during the first or the second world war. Not all Japanese support the idea of visiting Yakusuni shrine by the top leaders, while some do. Some people around the world still accuse Japan of doing little things or even nothing to compensate the war victims. However, Japanese are working hard and the tax is levied on Japanese everyday. As a result, through ODA, Japan has provided a lot of assistances to foreign countries, esp. those in Africa. I think Cambodia and Thailand have received such assistances so far too. Many students from these two countries are coming to Japan every year too.
Everybody has history, but the importance is whether or not we live in the past. We all should learn from the past and make a better world.
Mr.Bun Heang, I like Apasara dance (they always have Khmer New Year at schools, the big party). I saw them on the wall of Angkor Wat, and I see Cambodian students dance here too. The way they dance make me realize that they dance with the spirit of Apasara carved on the wall of Angkor. I want to see Preah Vihear temple and I have khmer friends who can take me there. Mr. Bun, I think you have to bear more plain words and curses from other more as you have decided to take the challenges in making up the Cartoon. However, well-educated readers will judge.
To Thais, I like your Pataya, and your curry, but sometimes the taste makes me sore throat.
(Yamamoto, JAPAN)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bunheang,

You have done a great job so far. Keep doing this and we strongly support you.

Sacrava said...

Dear Mr Yamamoto,
Many thanks for your kind words & advices.
I draw toon not for chalence but I like to tell the truth of Mankind who are always living on the top of people sufferings,from their desire of Greed & Power.The innocents die in vain everyday and they are victimised by those Insane Politicians.(

The truth is so ugly.
I'm walking through the storm, I known for sure I would be wet & cool even I have an umbrella and a rain coat.

"Being a Pig I shouldn't afraid of Muddy "

Bunheang Ung,

Anonymous said...

what da fuck with ur sucky brain huh? how can u do this .ASSHOLD :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, Thai King's cartoon is best of ( of Sacrava toons )
Félicitation cher ami U.B.H bien-aimé,
Tu as raison, continue ainsi,tu es le meilleur cartoonist dans l' Asie,voir dans le monde.
Ton vieux ami et frère
S K M du Cambodge.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that someday you will know the truth..

and that day u will know by your self that what have you done

and repent... :)


Anonymous said...

Yamamoto, JAPAN

HA HA HA The more you keep talking the more you sound like Cambodian not Japanese but it's ok no matter whoever you are if you think by insulting Thai would make you be better then do whatever you please. You don't have to improve yourself just make other look bad and then you will look better if that is the way you want to do it.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
The king and them [-This article is banned in Thailand]

Thailand's monarchy

Dec 4th 2008
From The Economist print edition

The untold story of the palace’s role behind the collapse of Thai democracy

THAILAND’S tourism business, its export industries and its reputation have been wrecked by recent events. Crowds of royalists have occupied the government’s offices for months and then seized Bangkok’s airports. The police refused to evict them. The army refused to help. This week the siege was ended after the courts disbanded three parties in the ruling coalition. But the parties plan to re-form under new names and continue governing, so fresh strife threatens. It is as if a thin veneer of modernity, applied during the boom of the 1980s and early 1990s, has peeled away. Until recently a beacon of Asian pluralism, Thailand is sliding into anarchy.

The conflict began three years ago as peaceful rallies against corruption and abuse of power in the government of Thaksin Shinawatra. The protesters, wearing royal-yellow shirts and accusing Mr Thaksin of being a closet republican, got their way when royalist generals removed him in the coup of 2006. But on democracy’s restoration last year, Thais elected a coalition led by Mr Thaksin’s allies. The yellow-shirts of the inaptly named People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) revived their protests and adopted increasingly thuggish tactics, prompting Mr Thaksin’s supporters to don red shirts and fight back.

Speak it not

Throughout this conflict, the great unmentionable, not just for the Thai press but also for most foreign reporters, has been the role of King Bhumibol, his family and their closest courtiers. The world’s most ferociously enforced law against lèse-majesté (offending the crown) prevents even the mildest discussion of the palace’s role in Thai public life. Such laws are mostly in disuse elsewhere, but Thailand’s was harshened in the 1970s. Absurdly, anyone can bring a lèse-majesté suit. The police have to take seriously the most trivial complaints. All this makes the law a useful tool for politicians and others seeking a way to damage their foes. Often, the press is not allowed to explain the nature of any supposed offence against the crown, so Thais have no way to tell whether it really was so disrespectful.

The lèse-majesté law is an outrage in itself. It should not be enforced in any country with democratic pretensions. Worse is that the law hides from Thais some of the reasons for their chronic political woes. For what the king himself calls the “mess” Thailand is in stems in many ways from his own meddling in politics during his 62-year reign (see article). In part, the strife also reflects jockeying for power ahead of the succession. With the king celebrating his 81st birthday on December 5th, that event looms ever larger.

Much of the story of how the king’s actions have hurt his country’s politics is unfamiliar because Thais have not been allowed to hear it. Some may find our criticisms upsetting, but we do not make them gratuitously. Thailand needs open debate if it is to prepare for the time when a less revered monarch ascends the throne. It cannot be good for a country to subscribe to a fairy-tale version of its own history in which the king never does wrong, stays above politics and only ever intervenes on the side of democracy. None of that is true.

The official version of Thai history dwells on episodes such as the events of 1992, when Bhumibol forced the resignation of a bloodstained dictator and set his country on course for democracy. But many less creditable royal interventions have gone underreported and are seldom discussed. In 1976, paranoid about the communist threat, the king appeared to condone the growth of the right-wing vigilante movement whose members later took part in the slaughter of unarmed student protesters. In the cold war America saw Bhumibol as a staunch ally and helped finance his image-making machine. This long-standing alliance and the fierce lèse-majesté law have led Western diplomats, academics and journalists to bite their tongues and refrain from criticism.

After the 2006 coup, the 15th in Bhumibol’s reign, officials tried to tell foreigners that protocol obliged the king to accept the generals’ seizure of power. Thais got the opposite message. The king quickly granted the coupmakers an audience, and newspapers splashed pictures of it, sending Thais the message that he approved of them. In truth the king has always been capable of showing his displeasure at coups when it suited him, by rallying troops or by dragging his feet in accepting their outcome. And he exerts power in other ways. Since 2006, when he told judges to take action on the political crisis, the courts seem to have interpreted his wishes by pushing through cases against Mr Thaksin and his allies—most recently with this week’s banning of the parties in the government.

No fairy-tale future

In the imagination of Thai royalists their country is like Bhutan, whose charismatic new king is adored by a tiny population that prefers royal rule to democracy. In reality, with public anger at the queen’s support for the thuggish PAD and the unsuitability of Bhumibol’s heir simmering, Thailand risks the recent fate of Nepal, which has suffered a bitter civil war and whose meddling king is now a commoner in a republic. The PAD was nurtured by the palace and now threatens to engulf it. An enduring image of the past few days is that of PAD toughs shooting at government supporters while holding up the king’s portrait. The monarchy is now, more clearly than ever, part of the problem. It sits at the apex of a horrendously hierarchical and unequal society. You do not have to be a republican to agree that this needs to be discussed.

As The Economist went to press, on the eve of the king's birthday, he was reported to be unwell, and unable to deliver his usual annual speech to the nation. So he had still not repudiated the yellow-shirts' claims to be acting in his name. His long silence has done great damage to the rule of law in Thailand. He could still help, by demanding, as no one else can, the abolition of the archaic lèse-majesté law and the language in the current charter that supports it, and so enable Thais to have a proper debate about their future. He made a half-hearted stab at this in 2005, saying he should not be above criticism. But nothing short of the law’s complete repeal will do. Thailand’s friends should tell it so.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
"The Economist" banned over critical article on Thai king [-So much for democracy in Thailand!]

9 December 2008
SEAPA (Southeast Asian Press Alliance)

The Thai distributor of "The Economist" banned the 6-10 December issue of the magazine because it contained an article critical of the country's monarch, news reports said.

The Agence France Presse (AFP) Bangkok bureau quoted bookseller and distributor Asia Books as saying it decided not to import this week's issue because the story on King Bhumibol Adulyadej's alleged role in politics "risks insulting the monarchy".

Under Thailand's lese majeste law, anyone who insults the king or the royal family faces a jail term of up to 15 years.

"We received excerpts of the magazine beforehand and we considered that it's sensitive and not appropriate, and also risks insulting the monarchy. So we decided not to import that edition," an Asia Books staff member told AFP.

The article, which is also available online, questioned the alleged involvement of the monarchy in the country's political affairs and its support for military interventions, the latest of which was the 2006 coup that ousted Thaksin Shinawatra.

Thai police said the importer had agreed to a self-imposed ban on the story because of its critical stance on the monarchy.

"Police have talked to importers and distributors who agreed not to import the issue of December 6-10 because an article in the magazine criticised the monarchy," said Lieutenant General Thiradet Rodphothong, commander of Special Branch Police. "Therefore the police do not have to officially ban the magazine," he said.

"The Economist" website, which features the article, continues to be accessible and has not been blocked, according to Reuters.

The incident came on the heels of the latest political turmoil in Thailand which led to the shutdown by anti-government protesters of Bangkok's international airport for a week, paralyzing the country's economy, stranding tens of thousands of passengers, and hurting Thailand's biggest dollar earner—tourism.

Anonymous said...

เลว มาก คนทำ

โง่ หรือ ว่างจัด ?

กูรู้มึงอ่านไม่ออก แต่กูก็จะด่า

ค วาย

Anonymous said...

I'm the one of Thai people and visit this site by coincidence

I know that in world wide web is too expand
everybody can write or draw whatever you want to do ..

maybe you have absolutely freedom
and legal in your country because ... it's kind of art ?? i don't know

but about Royalty for Thai people is very sensitive
all of us love and respect them by truly heart

i know that i don't have any right to blame you
because you are artist .. and your duty is drawing something to reveal or telling the truth for the other

but one thing that i want to let you know is ... the real is not the same like the news was

you already know ...

how can you sell your news without enhance something scandal ?

everybody love to listen bad points of each other
i see ... and can't change
maybe it's become the rule of human

everything have two sides ... top and back
meanwhile every countries have good and bad points ...

well ... you can give comment about Thai situation or Thai royalty

but it shouldn't hurt everybody

and i understand that why Thai people who are visiting your site and give you a lot of rude comments ... i am really sorry for you

if something that they said are hurt your feeling
and you will think " THIS IS THAI CIVILISATION ?"

each countries have their own traditional.
for Thai people , we are obey and respect our parents too much. we care each other feeling.

it's the same feeling of we think about our Royalty as well

and i think you will understand the reasons that why we are angry and swear rude words to you.

it's kind of we want to protect our family
because we love each other

and about bad side of Thailand such as Politics , corruption , prostitute etc.
it's only lesser part of Thailand

we have a lot of good sides
but the news isn't focus
because we still love to see something scandal

that's all that i wanna show you

maybe my mind is not widely enough to see something hurt my feeling like this

we are not US ppl. which we won't care anything surrounding us

we are not UK ppl. which have absolutely freedom to think and transit something really bad by legally

anyways here is my comment about your project
the comment that written by 18 years old Thai girl ... who try to open my mind

thank you very much for read a long and ridiculous comment (which is you don't agree for sure)


et pour quel qu'un qui donner le commentaire en français ... ne crois pas que je ne sais pas ce que vous direz

je ne sais pas pourquoi vous détastez mon pays très fort comme ça ...

vous savez cet pharse en anglais ??

"Don't look down anyone"

vous avez dit à qq'un que vous êtes civilization. Oui vos mots sont polis.
vous déjà faites des études
il n'est plus le poliment commentaire !!

ainsi ... ne faites plus
parce que vous êtes un adult

et finalement
comment vous pourriez enseignerer votre adolescent dans votre pays qui doit êtes un bon homme quand ils sont grandissent

pendant que vous êtes toujours mauvaise personne ??

Merci beaucoup de lire mon commentaire

Anonymous said...

อีพวกขอมหน้าหนังหมา (หมาวัดด้วย)



อิพวกเขมรแดงง มีปัญญาได้แค่ทำของใส่ชาวบ้านเค้าเท่านั้นล่ะ





โง่ ไอ่ชาติโง่


ถ้าออกก็แสดงว่าเมิงก็เรียนภาษาไทย ในเมื่อเมิงเรียนภาษาไทย


Anonymous said...

Dear .. Mr.Yamamoto , Japan

About prostitute problem
I don't understand that why you mention about it too much

in Japan didn't have any prostitute or curry whatever you called ??

every countries don't have any prostitute ??

and how about japanese pornstar
and how about YOSHIWARA ??

Sex trade in Japan still establishments line the streets on either side as well

so how different between us ??

don't look down anyone if you are not good enough

thank you

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: I did not mention anything related to scandals in your country, especially those related to girls (you said something about prostitute). Please not get me wrong.
To 18-year old Thai lady: I appreciate your open-minded expressions a lot. Yes you are right that Asian people, esp. those of S.E Asia have strong community sense, but this does not mean that U.S and/or U.K people do not love or respect their parents or people around them. Mankind do have common feelings towards their loved ones, but only the ways to express such feelings are different.
I agree with you that critiques about Thai King and the Royal Family are the sensitive matter, but it may be high time that we all learned to see the outside world and learn to accept the truth which sometimes can be simply revealed by something simple such as Cartoon. However, if we contradict to the revelation of truth or expression of opinions in anyway of such, we should learn to react in the commonly civilized manner, too. I do not think clumsy reaction or insulting wordings would make a better prestige of a person or of a nation as a whole.

Anonymous said...

dear yamamto and the painter

that you say " we should learn to react in the commonly civilized manner, too."

can i ask u sth?

what about making such a sacrastic cartoon. It's like making fun of people and talking behind them. Do u think it's cilvilzed? If u think it is. so i don't think u understand the word CIVILIZATION.

Moreover, Thais who came into this board and insult the painter, they came here because the painter make them angry first. Previously, no one hurt the painter at all. but it was him who started everything and hurt thier feelings. If you don't understand i will make it clearer. It was like one day your father walking in his house, then came a crazy dog from somewhere(may be from hell)bite him at his back. What u are gonna do? do nothing and watch your father bleeding till death? or protect him with every way you can? what Thai people do are the same. we try protect our FATHER.And that they are angry.Is it make sense to be angry? It was this Cambodain who scold and gossip about our father. and not all Thais who angry crused at the painter badly or say sth bad to him.Not all of them. There is still someone who try to use reason with him and ask him to stop politely. But it seem to be usless coz the painter do not know how to be reasonable and won't stop. The only thing he keep doing is insulting our father for his own happiness.

and that you say "it may be high time that we all learned to see the outside world and learn to accept the truth"

so you too should learn to see the outside world either. the world that i am talking about is the world of Thai people who love and respect our king from the bottom of their hearts. There is up to 5 millions!! who love their king, so both of you shoud be respect to their feeling and their thought. There are more than 5 millions feelings and 5 millions thought versus a few here. Be open mindded and accept that there are plenty of person who think different than u two. If you want to show your opinion towards Thai politic, pls do it in a creative way. Not do it by this nonsense thing. Write to the newspaper or held up the debate.Not by making fun of him by drawing a cartoon like a kids. Pls behave like amature.

The painter is cambodian, so critize your own politic coz u know best about that. But u know nothing about Thailand. You neither Thai nor born in Thai. You just a refugee that once being allowed to be in Thailand. You know nothing about us. Be in your socity and world. Critizing about what u well known about it. You are crossing the line !!

I am the one who is open minded. If you say sth bad about our government, i completely accept that without arguing at all coz' we all know that thai goverment like to lie and corrupt. But that you mention about our king. I don't care whether he is behind PAD or not. It don't really give a shit about that coz no one can prove that it is true. If you want to say so then show me the evidence. and the evidence must be in picture so no one could say sth else. But What i know is that all of his life, our king sacrifice himself for thailand. He use his money to help the poors while he can spend it any way he want. He can buy a jewery and soprt car. but he choose to go to the rural area in Thailand take care of his people village by village. Can do me favor Yamamto? Could you name one of the king project that help saving the poors in Thailand? name just one, one of the hundred projects. Does you ever heard about them? And can u tell me what the award he received from the world outside Thailand? If u don't i will tell you. It is the nobel prize. Have either you or the cartoonist ever received the nobel prize or any valuable and international award in your lives. (I am quite sure that tha painter will say "yeah i do receive the award. It is the talented insulting cartoonist"). IF our king is a kind of evil people, why did he was honored by many foriegners?

Thanks for spending you time reading

Anonymous said...

i agree with the last comment

anyways ... we should calm down
though i feel angry when i saw this cartoon because i'm Thai

but talk to each other with the reason and polite will better than talk with anger (though it's hard to do) and then argument at last

Anonymous said...

may i correct sth

king did not receive to no bal prize but he received award form Dr. Norman E. Borlock who used to receive the Nobel prize

but away way this prize is like the nobel prize

the king also get meny prizes

and his projects are more than 3,ooo not hundred

Sacrava said...

Many thanks to all of commentators who exchange words in the civilise way of Mankind.
In this world there are many Greed & Power....that's the killings are going on,none stop !
Sometime we forget that we're Buddhists and we think we're good Buddhists.
Khmers were killed by US52 bombs,Chinese & Russian Weapons,Hanoi invaders and
our insane Khmer Rouges....And we decided to across the border to the Land of Smiles,but our hope was failed by Thai-Army who had pushed us down from the chaine of Dang Rek mountain.You all can imagine how many lives were lost there ?
The tragedy wasn't end yet,when we're in Khao I Dang,1980,even we're protected by UNHCR,we're abused by Thai-Army,raping,torturing,robbing
that shouldn't happened in the land of Smiles where its people are 90% Buddhists.
I always sympathy to those small Thai people who known nothing about politik and they might become the victims of those Insane Politicians.Once I was One.
Who known? If the Political Climate changes to worst,we'll see whom are going to suffer ?
The Father,The Army and the Government ? I bet they have so many means to escape this tragedy.
And the poor people will only take their Karma that they do not deserve.
And again Ladies and Gentlemen,pls look after your Gentle Land of Smiles and wish a very luck...not like my Cambodia where is ruling by PHD without school.Thank you.
Bunheang Ung

Anonymous said...

The patrilineal tradition of the Chakri dynasty is unlikely to be broken. And the prominent role played by the crown prince in Princess Galyani’s cremation removed any doubts about whether he was the chosen heir, says a Thai academic. Even so, many Thais, a superstitious people, will remember an old prophecy that the dynasty would last for only nine generations—Bhumibol is the ninth Chakri king—and that a tenth would be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Chakri Die Nasty will end!

Anonymous said...

Thais are robbers. Thais are the faked Buddhist. Thais put the Buddha picture in houses, in cars, in offices, in buses, in Tuk Tuk etc… but at night Thais go robbing Khmer cows, Khmer fruits, Khmer vegetables at the border.
Thai soldiers wear the Buddhist necklaces that robbing Khmer lands and Khmer temples right now at the border.

Anonymous said...

I have no business to interfere into the politic of any of Cambodia or that of Thailand.
Dear Mr.Bunheang, I hope Japanese government can do something to restore the situation of your country. I am on the process of being Cambodianized,hopefully when I can speak the language quite well
Hope you all rest in peace.
さようなら。Chumreap lea ):

Anonymous said...

Dear YAMAMOTO (from Nipon )beloved,
million thanks to your good words and all your sweet commentary over here.
In the past, Nipon have come to occupy our Cambodia. Well, you are come from another generation.Your commentary and your help is welcome to our poor country.
You can write to your Nipon government about Human Right, to take care when your government give the donation to Royal Khmer's government.
Well, we need good friendship from the world.
Khmer people have suffer since 1970.
Even,now we are in peace,but the poor people still poor,no home no land no job no money to pay when there are sick.
I hope, you are not only write the good commentary over here,but you will do something to help our poor Khmer people.
From outside from Cambodia,look to our country,there are all happy live in peaceful,but if you live inside,you will see the different,they are so many poor people.
Well, sorry to write the commentary out of the subject" King of Siam Land "

Anonymous said...



YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR THAI SPELLING before you post in here.

you think that you are a smarter ass than us (Khmer).

you can't even spelling your own thai.Ee Kwaay issan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks dear A6, for thai language.

Anonymous said...


YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR THAI SPELLING before you post in here.

you think that you are a smarter ass than us (Khmer).

you can't even spelling your own thai.Ee Kwaay issan.



I think he or she spelled wrong on purpose becuase by spelling it right it'll sound more rude and mean.

you know the more energy you put in to it mean the more intention to curse or insult. For me it isn't much differrent whether you use sophisticated word or the forbidden word to insult it's still an insult. Only the intention that matter. So maybe he or she even tried to soft it down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ta Bun Heng

You have strong bad memmories about Thailand in your expereince when the time of fire in Cambodia.
Many time you call the neigbor land in very negative mind. I understanding your feeling. But if you thinking out of limiting border in the mainland of southeast asian "Suvannaphumi" mainly of native culture were developed from Buddhist way "Myanmar, Cambodian , Thailand, Laos and Vietnam". But in the real world not eutropia you can saw the different or unbelievable evidence from all Suvannaphumi buddhist country. Many minority group were killed in Khet KohKong , Strung Treng, Rattanakiri in the time after independent period in Cambodia. And also the best example is the time of killing field who kill millions of Khmer people who is the real devil for them. Yaoun? Siem? And you also can see the story like this in many Buddhist country.(How about the baddly condition in Irag, Bosnia etc. around the world). In another hand I know many of indochinese refugies some of them also got a good opportunities in Thailand and I heard many story same and different with your memmories. If you fighting for the truth and your belive in Buddhist way. I hopt some day you can pass the false enemy and focus to fighting with the real enemy. You can become to the one of representative knight for indochinese people.

Best Wish

Manut Siem

Anonymous said...

i really agree with you, manut siem

and for Ta Bun Heng, i feel sorry for you to have such a bad memory.

but i have nothing to do with that because i did not rape your friends. Like many Thais, they did not either. That cambodian refugees were raped by thai soilders does not mean that every thai people must rape them too. Do thai farmer rape them? No
Do thai students rape them? No
or do thai teachers rape them? No again

See? Not all Thai people rape your friends. Do not jump into the conclusion that Thais are the same.

and every place in the world have socail problem like rape, murder and theif. It's common.Nowhere is safe.

I will tell you something. You are not the only one person who had a memory about raping.

I am the one who almost be raped by the Cambodain workers.

Last few year, there were 3 Cambodain men came to my father's orchard and demanded for job. At first my dad refused because he hired only a local people. but they keep asking so my dad had them work as orange pickers. just a few week past. i was left home alone because my parents must go to allumni party. late at night, these 3 cambodain came into my house and stole my mom jewery and the buddha image from my house but they found that i was left alone so they entered to my bedroom and tried to rape me. Luckily, my dad return home early. They were frighten and ranway. See? my dad gave them a food, a job, and a resident but what they paid him back in return.

i was really fear and angry at them. Anyway i never have such an idea that all Cambodain people must be like them. Different people have different character. Now i learn how to forgive and try to forget about this bad memory.

Live goes on. We have to live for future, do not be with the past because you will get nothing from it.

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Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you Thai girl who was almost raped by 3 Cambodian boys.
I knew my country (Cambodia)is poor. Being a poor in Cambodia, we don't have much chance to obtain good education. You Thai people must get a good education as your country has so many good universities (richest country in South East Asia and even your king might be the world richest King). I think also Thai soldiers are well trained for national defend with a large morality (especially those in Black uniform).
You know Cambodian poor people want to work in their country rather than work in other countries. Because of bad governance in Cambodia, some poor people can not survise; therefore they (people are near the rich country border) decide to go out in dangerous way to work abroad.
I have read many news papers reported that some Cambodia workers in Thai were killed when they have crossed the border. Some workers after having saved enough money back home, they were robbed by Thai police at the boader.

I think this small group of these Thai military and police are like Bad small group of Thai soldiers who have invaded Cambodian pagoda in Preah Vihea. These small group can not represent all Thai Soldiers; for instance, Thai soldiers in BangKok are for Coup d'état only.

These samll bad groups are not Thai farmers, nor Thai students, nor Thai yeacher again.

I have learnt that Cambodian King provided Land for Thai tribe at first time, then they can inspir Cambodia culture. So we still hope that Thai people will treat us well too.

I think you are a kindhearted Thai girl as you can forgot and forgive for 3 Cambodians; and I think I like you.

Anonymous said...


คนขาดความกตัญญูก็ไม่ได้ดีไปกว่าสุนัข หรือสัตว์เดรัจฉานเลย



พระองค์ไม่มีทางมัวหมองเพราะคนไร้ค่าอย่างพวกคุณ อีกไม่นานพวกคุณคงรับกรรมครั้งใหญ่ที่พวกคุณได้สร้างขึ้นมา



Anonymous said...

ไอ่ชาติชั่ว สันดานต่ำทราม ไม่รู้จักที่ต่ำที่สูง

นรกจะกินหัวมึง อย่าให้กูรู้นะว่ามึงเป็นใคร