Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1220 : " A good Nationalist "


Anonymous said...

I, a Khmer

I, a Khmer eating Trakuon(1), grateful to Yuon(2), wearing Duon(3), Like to sing the Vietnamese language;
Lack of lesson, dare not argue with Viet, Then, accept to lose land, nation, religion, and ancestors’ heritage;
Like to show off, get drunk in the bars, buy poor young girls to satisfy sexual desire;
Swindle with court, rob someone’s property, create problems in society.

Making cake without flour, boiling water without making fire(4), Suck the blood of the poor like leeches,
Thick face(5) like locomotive no brain for good or bad, merits or sin. Grow mango trees reap mangoes, grow Sleng(6) reap sleng, Lord Buddha taught good deeds produce good merits, do bad get bad in return.
Whether people are rich or poor, ill will or wholesome, or hermits, they will all die.

I, a Khmer, scared of enemies, strong with Khmer people, Cutting trees, eating dog meat,
Have big liver like a gecko, grasp whatever is in sight even if it is my mother’s, Rough skin, sticky toes like caramel, like to relax in Hue (7) city

Rice fields lost in Daung village, Romeas Hek, Prasaut, Svay Teab, Kompong Roh, Khmer suffer along
the border in Rotanak Kiri, Mondol Kiri, Kratie, Kompong Cham, Prey Veng, Takeo, Kompot, and Svay Rieng.
Nothing left Khmers suffer lack of food, water, land, nostalgic for Kampuchea Krom.
Khmer suffer, killing each other,

With long term suffering, no compassion left, Khmers are divided. They kill, attack, oppress, and
deceive one another, and take revenge, but, they bow before their enemies.

I, a Khmer eating frog, with a black heart as a crow, hard head like iron, like to argue. Without thinking of tomorrow, praise the strong in order to fill my stomach. A strange species, poisonous as scorpion, divides
his own nation to favor others. I, a Khmer riding a water buffalo’s back, who wants to be rich,
Have only empty words and an evil heart, Fear of other race, with no conscience,
willing to shrink down the territory. To expand own authority, even in a cage.
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Koun chao Battambang,same nurse,same born's place.

Anonymous said...

Khmers are not allowed to know the history so they don't know who are the friends and enermies. Read more go to

Anonymous said...

Mr HOK Lundi, die in the air crach, because he wanted to drive him self, this is the real information from a pilot relative to a cambodian live in france. SO many time,Mr HOK Lundy would like to pilot him the Helicopter him self. One pilot ,who are sick that day,didtn't join the Plane. That pilot said that Mr HOK Lundy ,in tha passt wanted to pilot and that day he tear away the hand of the pilot,so the Helicopter had hit a elecric born.
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Anonymous said...

Taing said:
know this since he had met the accident. He was too much drunk and wanted to drive. That's y when get drunk, do not drive. Even drive on the air when getting drunk, it is still dangerous
srok mean sorng'kream trov kar neak kla'harn, srok barn sarn trarn trov kar neak jes dirng!
copy from:www.LOVEKHMER
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