Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1198 : " Vietnamophonie "

Translation : " We have to speak Vietnamese language "


sopheaktr said...

sacrava's crazy idea

Anonymous said...

No dear Sopheaktra beloved, Sacrava is show you " May be one day we use to speak youn in all the country . My wife said,when she was a little girl,and go to school at her birth place,she have to learn youn also.But lucky the teacher tell her about the Thé Ong 's story to all young Khmer boy-girl.
Sacrava's is not crazy,but his idea is only crazy,well.
From: A man who speak youn too, But I am Khmer .
P S: If you know more language is butter,and don't hate people who speak Siam-Youn.
With a lot of love,

Anonymous said...

My PAPA was a Francophony too. Now I try to learn my neighbour language some to keep the oldest relationship from my ancestor with crocodile VN(Papa called him).